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internet explorer

how cme on internet explorere u cnt see most of the pages so i jsut donwload firefox then it did
aka wrote:
how cme on internet explorere u cnt see most of the pages so i jsut donwload firefox then it did

Hmm maybe your firewall was blocking it?. Can you elaborate a but more?
Well I really don't have the ability to put up with IE's horribleness. It won't even log me into Gmail!! Good job on getting Firefox, the only REAL browser out there.

edit - My advice is to just dump IE. Don't try to uninstall it. I hear its more trouble then its worth. Besides there are some sites (and i have no idea why anyone would do this) that code specifically for IE, and no other.
Another possibilty is that your Microsuck Internet Explorer has been hijacked and its going to sites that you dont really want to. Download a free util called hijackthis and check your IE Browser.

noliver wrote:
Microsuck Internet Explorer.

hahahaha....yeah, maybe, scan for spywares or check your msconfig.
Heheh i use to have tat problem too.... one of the possibilities is ur temporary internet files is blocked by windows due to ad ware, virus, n all sorts.... the most current virus tat caused this problem is spreading in msn....(aiya... a forgot the virus's name...) the virus disable the internet temporary n cause ur internet disabled.....
ok to solve the problem,... u have to restore the internet settings to defalt.... b4 tat u have to scan ur com to make sure tat no virus to override the system again........
ok first.... go to internet options at tools,
then.... go the next page, scurity, u'll see 4 buttons, internet, local intranet, trusted sites, restricted sites..... set them all to defalt lvl....
then go to the next page,Piricy.... set tem to defalts too... (medium lvl)...
jus set every thing to defalt then sholud b ok.....

if ur com is inflected with the virus tat i mention..... u should b able to solve it..... (heheh i discover this method my self so try at ur own risk)

p/s: oh ya...4 the msn virus, is very tricky.... after u delete it, it will still come out cos it is saved in ur windows recovery file.... it will recover after u restart ur com.... so use good antivirus to get rid it! N*****n cant do it!! hahahaha Razz
Laguna Loire
Althoug IE sometimes was annoying ... but I admitted that this browser has a great capability for any java script language, embeded object or css.

So if you couldn't access some website with IE ... i think you misconfigure it!
I guess that can be caused by many features, but the most probably:
IE don't respect the standars for web communicating, like the format of html, javascript, css, and so on. In the most of cases IE implements some features of the standard and adds anothers that don't are part of the standard
Firefox uses all of the top parsers for every language.
IE does not. Therefore, IE is crap.

When I saw this thread, I started to laugh.
I'll say it again, the problem with IE is not IE, it is with the Windows Code Itself.

All the IE code is directly tied in witht he Windows kernel. Therefore, you cannot fix the arm if the body is still bleeding and broken.

I use Win XP for now because I need to build myself a new PC and don't have the resources I would need for Linux at the moment.

Firefox is the best out there, or Opera if you feel adventerous.
Well your problem seems to have been solved and everyones had their chance to say what they feel about IE Rolling Eyes
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