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Worst work related stories.

I am curious about work related stories. Has any boss or employee hurt or offended you to such a point that you had to quit. And did you really want to quit.

I will tell you a bit about my worst story. I was working in a small club downtown. I was quite a draw, as 80% of the people were what you could call my following. I am a dj, and I will state, that I was responsible for a large portion of the profit. Every friday and Saturday was packed, with a line up of about 50-100 people. The capacity was only 150. I had been working 7 nights a week, with little resistance. I really enjoy what I do, and I am happiest when I am behind the dj booth. "do what you love, love what you do"

On my last night, the owner had asked me to play a little longer, as it was daylight savings time, and he wanted to extend the extra hour. But, I had to get everybody out by 3:15.

Normally this is not a problem, but it was also Halloween weekend, and everyone was out for a good time. And a good time they had. It was 3:10 am and I was having diffulty thinning out the dance floor. It was still packed to the rim. I had asked the owner, if I can play an extra five minutes, as I beleive its bad to turn the lights up on a full house. If the customers are willing to stay, give them a little more. The owner then said that I promised him that I would be done by 3:15 am, and that I lied to him. I said I would do my best. He was blaming me for the size of the crowd. I was playing boring music in hopes that people would make their way home. Not what I really wanted to do, but I do what I am told. He yelled and said, NO, you must finish by 3:15. I said okay, after being called so many different names. I wont mention them here, cause they may be offensive.

I put on a ballad, and proceeded to slowly turn the lights up. My boss comes running up to me and said what the f*** are you doing. I just said I was doing my job, like you told me. He said that I am not allowed to touch the lights. Which is really funny, cause he had told the entire staff, that I am the only one allowed to turn up the lights. Contradictary I say.

He then start to call me every name in the book, in front 150 people. Finally, I lost it. No one calls me names, and embarrases me in front of my following. After having the finger pointed at me for a good three minutes, I felt it was time to defend myself. I started to yell back. I went into auto pilot sort of, and started my argument. He kept pointing out that He had been in this business for 13 years, and he knows what he is doing. I just replied, "Let me know when you've learned something!" Walked back to the dj booth and gave him the finger. I was furious. I was only doing what he had asked me. When he saw the finger, he came rushing at me, and was about to strike me. Pushed me against the wall, and continued to repeat the names. I told him, if he lays a hand on me, he will regret. Anyways, that was the last night.

I am now barred from the establishement, which is okay, cause I am at another club, and that 80% comes to my new club. I have offered to talk to them, before the barring, and apparently they wanted to talk to me...but nothing has happened. The line ups are gone, and the new dj just doesnt have it in him. I usually praise other djs, but this guy just doesnt get it.

I just enjoy my work, but there is so much dis-respect I will take.

That is my worst work related story. Whats yours. Any comments?
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