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site header I made for somebody

OKay I have PSP X, and I made them a header yet I cant decide if i love it or hate it, but here it is anyway. As well as this banner I made for somebody.

Okay, yeha they're not stunding and probably not my best work, but you'll live for now. Wink
well done man, great work...
which program do you use to make such pictures?
He's using PSP . JASC Paint Shop Pro . A nice software ! But I use Photoshop .
She. Laughing How many men put beauty in their names? LMAO. But yes, its actually been bought back by corel now. Very Happy
well done. That's very beautiful.
i like it mate , keep up the good work.
brilliantbeauty wrote:
OKay I have PSP X, and I made them a header yet I cant decide if i love it or hate it, but here it is anyway. As well as this banner I made for somebody.

yes it is a great piece of work and you should be proud of it.
My only comment is of the lady on the far left-hand side looks a little out of place almost like a plastic Barbie doll feel, or the puppets Thunderbirds.
it's the way the eyes have been done. the cleaning up that you've done their on them has given them a too harsh of an edge. where the rest of the piece has a gentler atmosphere to it.
Very nice cold color blend~

I agree with the comment made about the eyes taking the viewer out of place, and also would like to add that the text is a little hard to read.

Nevertheless, I really like this header. ^^ Well done!
Hmmm... very good point. I managed to oversharpen yet again, her eyes were blurry before and I may have abused the sharpen tool a bit... Embarassed Text, she wanted it rather blended so I didnt make it really stick out.... Cool
Olivia Wood
Ditto on the oversharpness of the eyes.

Also, I think the transition from blue to purple is a bit abrupt, what with that large, dark vertical shadwo on the side of the large pic of the guy's face. I get how you're making the girl purple and the guy blue (right?), but maybe if you extended the blue out onto that butterfly up on the top it would blend it all a little better. Or you could spread a purple tint past the butterfly a little onto the guys face, and spread a blue tint up onto that big empty white space over the girl's shirt. I'd really like to see something there, actually... maybe another butterfly, or some more text, or just something to break up the space a bit.

Also, I notice you have several figures with their eyes at the very top of the pic and looking up. I guess it'd really depend on how you place the pic on the website, but they might look a bit crowded if it's too close to the top.

All this is just nitpicking, though, obviously. Overall you did a really lovely job. Smile
I like all of them.
I like the idea of how you use song lyrics for the words. It makes people think about the meaning.
awesome! Much better than I can do... They're amazing. Keep up the good work! Smile
I like it quite alot. It's a nicely done piece if you ask me. Good job.

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