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xbox 360

does anyone have an xbox 360 because i am thinming about getting one one but a need to really no what it can do because i would also like a PS3 so i can play my playstation1 ans playstation 2 games
i dont have one yet (i preordered it and got shorted) but my cousins do i was over thier house for thanksgiving and it was really awsome i was playing a basketball game and its amazing you can see the sweat on the players i cant wait to get mine
I have one preordered for the second shipment I should be getting it for Christmas, I'm also getting Perfect Dark Zero, Call of Duty 2 and Kameo. Can't wait!
I am not getting an X-Box360 or PS3...
I'm waiting for the Nintendo Revolution.

It's looking really good with the biggest advancement of all three competitors...
A Completely new design of controller: a wireless, motion-sensing remote.

Also, it will be back compatable with ALL previous Nintendo console game with an extension

Compared to Sony's boomerang and an X-Box that looks hideous...

It is a shame Rareware didn't renew a contract with Nintendo, Perfect Dark was an amazing game and they helped the N64 out big time.

That's my opinion on the matter... It's player's choice though.
Revolution looks cool too. I just hope they don't charge a lot for old games. A while ago they said all 1st paty games would be free but later they said that some would cost money.

Rare and Nintendo had a lot of things they didn't agree on so they parted ways and Microsoft bought them. Then they brought Perfect Dark Zero from the GameCube to the Xbox then finally to the 360.
This console is many times (maybe 8+ times) faster than my computer... It depresses me... Plus it was made by Micro$oft...
I think Nintendo will get it right this time round, although I think they will struggle to take a lot of fans away from Sony or Microsoft.

If they can supply gamers with the free internet service they have given the DS I will definetely be buying one straight away. I want to test it out on the DS but I refuse to buy it when the big N are releasing another hand held in a couple of years time (DS was to compete with Sony, while next HH is to be compatable with Revolution).

Anyways, I'm happy with my SP and Gamecube for now. Wink
I hear the Xbox360 has over heating problems... but that just what i hear. I am a playstation guy lol cant wait for ps3 !
Actually, I think that was the PS3. I am not going to get any, I love my computer and my ds fine.
Wouldn't surprise me if the PS3 was overheating...
Didn't PS2 have a problem with wires burning themselvesoutand causing fires... Question
I dunno, but the PS3's problems are not wire related, they have to do with the processor...
jump-start wrote:
Wouldn't surprise me if the PS3 was overheating...
Didn't PS2 have a problem with wires burning themselvesoutand causing fires... Question

So did the XBox, with the early power supplies, I believe.

I will probably pick up a 360 myself, just not right now. Not until they are cheaper than my yearly car insurance premiums. Very Happy
Also, to the person who said that the PS3 is going to be backwards compatable with both PS1 and PS2 software, is that confirmed?? Because that would be a HUGE selling point as far as I'm concerned.

And for the record, I think for every one complaint I hear about the Xbox360, there are probably 100 or more satisfied customers. It just so happens that the ones that do get problems tend to be VERY vocal about it. And let's be honest, does ANY product these days, ship without some defects or bugs in it?
The 360 does have over heating problems but they can be easily fixed by getting the power brick off the ground for more ventilation. I wrote something about it on my site, links in my sig. Don't think PS3 has heating problems, don't know how anyone would know it barely exists besides some videos and hardware mock ups and dev kits.

Please search before posting next time.

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