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prefer you comercial or underground?

You prefer comercial or underground musick??

if prefer underground, pleas tell me who.
i prefer underground because it isn't listend by so many people.
it shows that u r different.
where listen underground musik?
Definitely underground.
Best place for it. Caves, mines and basements.
a bit of both really

underground is fresh and usually live and commercial, well alot of people usually sing it sdo it eventually gets in your head and you begin to sing it
I listen to music I like

I prefer underground, but if a comercial band makes good music...
I prefer underground because it's play just for the love of the music and not for money.
If you interess by a style of music found a web the album.
Underground spécial music: Coco Rosie

i listen to everytghing rnaging from death metal to drum and bass

i much prefer listening to small bands hu dnrt rip you off and put on an amazing raw and real live show!
Definately underground.
I like black, death, power, and thrash metal...
I dont like anything that's on the radio, really. Except classic rock.
Any music is fine with me as long as it's good. Funny thing is that underground music tends to be a lot better than commercial.
I'm 100% underground. Some bands that were slightly underground that have become commecialised unfortunatly I still like but you can always say "We were the real fans! we had the X release before they were signed" or something similar, so that's alright Laughing
Underground is where its at..
Underground music is made, for, music. Commerical music is made, for, money.. Where's the good music?
There's been so many artists i've loved when they were 'underground' and as soon as they get popular and commerical, their styles completely change..
I don't care whether a band is commercial or not, if they do good music. I don't give a s*it about it, really.
For example, Cradle of Filth is quiet commercial, but I don't care. Their music is good.
I think the whole discussion is just senseless. Why would a band play better music because they're "underground"? Judge by the music and not by their image.
To be honest i don't care whether its mainstream of underground - for me it's most important that it sounds good. Another thing is that i mainly listen to power metal (stratovarius, etc.) which is not a very promoted genre and diffinetely goes under the category underground (even though stratovarius is pretty famous) .
I have to agree with achene and everyone else who said it doesn't matter, because personally I don't think it does. To tell you the truth, I listen to mainly rap and electronic anyway, but I like both underground and commercial. With rock and other genres, I only like commercial stuff, because I'm just not exposed to "underground" stuff. Anyways, music is music. I'll bump some Jadakiss and throw in a little Kelly Clarkson right after. Yeah I'm down with Kelly Clarkson.
this is a bit of a wierd way of putting things.

with music i eitehr like it or i dont.

i listen to lots of mainstream like Artic Monkeys and stuff

but also loads of underground

Klaxons, Plan B

i would never stop liostening to a band because they went mainstream and everyone else started liking them.
Both. I don't care about image or status.
I prefer when music is a mix of up of both. I generally prefer when it's underound that is almost about to be commercial because it's good and you have bragging rights when it becomes popular.
mistuh griddlez
SunburnedCactus wrote:
Best place for it. Caves, mines and basements.

Sorry i thought that was funny. But i like mainly commercial because it's easier to find out news on it and easier to buy. (But i do like a few underground bands!)
Underground is much better - the music is not manufactured and warped for mass marketing appeal - so there is more of a chance for real innovation and artistic quality.
off course... underground is better
no commercial necessities like in the majors...

you can discover soma bands who try some mad things
like making techno-hardcore with metal (The Berzerker, Moshpit )...
or grindcore with some funk and jazz parts ( Carnival in Coal )
underground... and not because it is not popular. I mainly like insturmental (post-rock type) music and so be its very definition it will never be that popular (can you imagine hearing a 20 minute instrumental song ala Godseed you black emporer) on commerical radio, i think not.
Well commercial music is generally GOOD music. It must be because people make thousands of copies of the CDs to sell to many people. Even though popular music is generally better, I still love to just look around for not so known bands and get into them. There is a lot of great music out there that nobody has ever heard of, so I definatly like a little of both.
Underground, these people do it for the music and not the money.
Both, For my favorite music style, Trance, Dance then it is underground, for other music styles like RnB,Pop, Rock etc. then i'm going for the popular artists.

I really don't care, as long as it sounds good! Besides underground is just a launching pad for most people who have every intention of going commercial. And that's the way to go. Why the hell would you starve your whole life so you can tell your kids: hey, call me whatever you want, but I am not a sell-out. it's funny because underground artists complain about being broke and commercial artists complain about not having any privacy!
i dont differenciate my music. if i like it, i hear no matter what genre, language. if i dont, i just stay away from it
In my opinion, good underground music will one day become Commercial, because everyone wants to listen to them!
Typically I prefer what would be underground I suppose. That has nothing to do with it being underground though, but more because "underground" bands tend not to hit the commercial market as much because they do not attempt to play to the market's wishes. I typically dislike the way that most "commercial" bands tend to lose a lot of their artisitc flair in favour of playing it safe and making money.

Underground bands... I listen to hundreds of great metal bands, some underground, some not so much. Few commercial. Can't list em all, so for now I'll just say what I've got on. Green Carnation. Smile
Underground progressive metal is my preference. Almost everything I listen to, except for Rush, Yes, and Dream Theater comes from bands that most people have never heard of. There's nothing more satisfying than discovering a band all on your own, and realizing how great they are. Also, I love being able to go to a concert of an underground band and be surrounded by fans who are just as dedicated as I am. This is rare with commercial bands.
Commercial sucks. Ugh I hate it. Underground ALL THE WAY
I don't have a preference on underground or commercial music as a whole. There is alot of terrible commercial music, but on the same token there are bands who are underground for a reason.

If the music's good, and the band has values you agree with, I don't see how the record company makes a difference. If they can get signed and make money without changing their outlook/direction - then all power to them. It does happen.

Cheers, beers, biatchin,
erik wrote:
I prefer underground, but if a comercial band makes good music...

so true.. no matter how much we sometimes do hate commercialised music, it seems that we cant deny that the commerialised music do sounds good...
underground. i prefer to call them garage bands. or kids next door. purevolume has alot of underground people who just shove stuff on there to get heard. btw purevolume is a website so dont go lookin for it in the street directory.
I used to be one of those people who only listened to underground bands because they were the "real artists" who actually had "something to say." I'd avoid mainstream/commercial music like the plague, because people who get paid that much money to make music can't be doing anything personal or real.

I got over it Cool. There are plenty of good mainstream acts, and there are plenty of good underground acts. Then there are plenty of mainstream acts that are trash, and underground acts that are trash as well. Fans of both can be annoying at times. There are mainstream fans who only listen to radio, and underground fans who only listen to underground tapes and CDs.

Same coin.
Ducksteina wrote:
I don't care whether a band is commercial or not, if they do good music. I don't give a s*it about it, really.
For example, Cradle of Filth is quiet commercial, but I don't care. Their music is good.
I think the whole discussion is just senseless. Why would a band play better music because they're "underground"? Judge by the music and not by their image.

OMG, you are the one, finally someone with some Sense in them.

he is compleatly right, people get too hung up with if it's not underground it isn't good or its not real music, weather it's rock.rap, or whatver.

Music is Music. Period. Hate ir or Love ir period.
Boles Roor
For me it's underground. Why? Because there is no "mainstream" in my genre.

Music is Music. Period. Hate ir or Love ir period.

Bullshit. Period.
I prefer underground because you don't have to deal with people saying they like it or bashing it because they don't know what it is. It just makes listening to what you wanna listen to so much easier - and music should be all about expression and opinion but unfortunately it's not. With underground music it can be again.

However, if you really love a band you want them to be as successful as possible, and the real success is mostly in commercial music. And commercial music means that there's most likely gonna be more interviews and stuff by the band which is cool.

This isn't a discussion whether underground music sounds better or commercial music sounds better - you can't argue that. This is about what feels better to listen to.
It's seems when artist get a big break! They get comfortable and they don't be as creative as they were when they were indie. I prefer underground because it is raw and uncut. Have yall ever heard of Headboy Musik! I'm like a huge fan of this artist!
Check him out
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