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Hello, I haven't found any topic that would be only about this game, so I will introduce it to you.

It's free mmorpg, made by CIPsoft, prolly in the 1997, it's still developing, expecially at graphics, however the game is 2d at all, a the grapha is made of pixels 32x32 put on the whole map.
First you of all you have to register an account at main page, then download client from same site
After you make a character on one of ~60 servers (imo you should choose those with medium amount of players, because prices there are averange, not expensive and not cheap) you login on the newbie island called Rookgard, where you stay until you make 8 level - you start with level 1.
When you are done on rook, you go to the oracle, and choose the city where you'd like to live (Venore - swamp city, Thais - capital city, Carlin - its city of "Amazons" but there aren't any in city (lol), mayb there are more possibilites but I can't remeber). There are 8 citys at all in the main land. You also choose your vocation - Knight - who is melee fighter, paladin - distance, sorcerer or druid (who are mages).

In mainland you start you real journey, you discover lands, meet strangers, kill others, fight with plenty of different monsters, join guilds, and do a lot of things...

I have stopped playing the game half year ago, bc it bored me. I played it about 2 years.

And the sites: - main site - tibia fansite, sth like newspaper - polish official site - another polish site - brazilian site

There are many more sites, but find them on your own Smile

That's all I think, if you have a question, reply in this topic.

this game is like.... uber boring........ but still try it if ure bored^^
its addictive, i know i played ot quite a bit but there are better games for many reasons:

Tibia does have crap graphics. you cant get past that. it doesnt matter too much but it does matter

Tibia has almost no storyline. That really sucks.

Most people on tibia are jerks or cant speak english (or both). The fact that pvp is barely restricted lets them kill you whenever they feel like it.

tibia is also such a slow game. it takes forever to gain levels.

there isnt enough variety. there are like maybe 10 different swords. in other games you have hundreds. and the range of monsters isnt great either.

there are better games, that are also free, such as anarchy online (

the only reason to play tibia is if you like it for some wierd reason, all your friends play it, you like being one of those jerks i talked about or you are stuck on dial up.[/url]
lol ive played this game since 1999 i dont anymore now but it was definatly fun. Nowadays you go to play and the only thing comming out of peoples mouths is either "Mine" or "You die in main" heh.
this Game is good
i from im Brazil and speak portuguese
the is a very good
he help me aways
Here my hunt ;d
I've never played and don't want to waste my time on it, but I think it's some kind of drug Wink Everyone says that it sucks, but everyone plays it. Crazy...
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