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The most popular game

Wut is the most popular game. Have your say. Because i 'm doing a survey on the most popluar game. any game on any console. so have your say.
the most popular must be world of warcraft -.- pc
Super Mario Bros. 3
What do you mean? Like, the game YOU like the most, the game you THINK is the most popular, the game that is the most popular with people you know... what?
i think if its from the begining then it really is Mario but if you mean the games that has come out now then i think it is CS or World of Warcraft!
changes from time to time i think Razz
If you are talking about the most 'units' sold, I'm thinking for the longest time MYST was the leader, then I believe The Sims past it for the most UNITS sold.

If you are talking longevity, I think any series that has had many sequels would be there, such as Ultima, or Final Fantasy, and possibly Might and Magic.
I would say the most popular game SERIES of all time is the mario series for the nintendo systems. There was a test done in 1992 i think, and its results stated that more kids under the age of 3 around the world recognized mario and luigi before they recognized mickey mouse!
Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best selling game of all time. Plus Mario is the most recongizable Video Game character of all time...
my favourite game is cs source and nfsu 1/2
Mine is RTS.. AOE series..
My favorite game is world of warcraft
Empire Earth

Why didn't you do a poll!? Would me much better and effective!
If you're lookin at statistics, you gotta break it down into genre's I suppose. Unless you're looking for the all-time most sold game in the world.

I think I heard somewhere that it might be The Sims (original) + the expansions.

For a First Person Shooter, I think Counter-strike would have to take the cake.

RPG, Final Fantasy VII seems to be the win.

Strategy, probably Starcraft.

Can't think of much else.
FIFA - It's the game that most people heart about him..
CS for first person.
Starcraft for RST.
Diablo 2 , civilization are popular too.
My favorite game is world of warcraft and the most popular is world of warcraft thought
ill go into a mohaa or cod2 server and all i hear about its world of warcraft
on the say that WoW is the most played over 2 000 000

but i think that it is not true
a lot of the hardcore gamers play WoW and they play much very much

but just like me i dont game every time im on the pc so i play less so cod2( the game i play) will be played less and maybe less longer then WoW.

i think there is noting like one populair game
there are every time more populair games
not everybody loves the same games.
and then u got the consolse a xbox xbox 360 ps2 psp gba etc etc....
for every game machine u got a few games who are populair.
but the most populair game is the game where the most hardcore gamers playng and that is not a real opinion....
i think for comuters the most popular game is World of Warcraft
they are playing a lot of people it online and they get more and more each day

on xbox need for speed most wanted is maybe the mpst popular game, because it makes much fun but i have played it on the computer and there it makes not such fun

Rolling Eyes
sry for my bad english
I'd have to say that the Blizzard line of games have the most longevity. I mean, to buy Starcraft (A game that is SEVEN years old) still costs $15 here in Canada... where Prince of Persia: Sands of Time costs $18 and is only TWO years old.

Similarly, the Warcraft Series and the Diablo Series sell really well even now.
Starcraft is really popular. I beileve it has surpassed Myst in PC sales, and is second to only The Sims in sales. Hell, it's a damn sport in Korea.
Super Mario bros.
The Sims

Thos are like the most popular games in my opinion
NBA Live 2006 Very Happy
Starcraft for the win!
Wow too
Unreal Tournament
and so on, just so to say, the most popular game keep changing.

Civ4 FTW
One game >>> Counter Strike. This is known by all gamer's even if they don't play it.
If you're talking about right now...

World of Warcraft (and I've never played it)
World Of Warcraft, everyone knows about that game. Not everybody plays it reliously, but most people have made a character and killed some rabbits and stuff.

I cant really think of a game that even comes close to WOW to be honest with you
Wow, nothing to it, even if i dont like the stupid game. Look the game counter, as of this post Wow gets obout 10-20 million hours a DAY than anyother game....good luck beating that.

Anyways, for me it is Halo PC and Guild Wars, c them at
I think its WoW or Guild Wars. I play neither of them.
Starcraft is up there because alot of my friends still play it. Im a big fan of the Sims also, very addicting and we cant forget Tetris and Pacman lol
Halo Pc is sick online. also GTA is sick. pretty much the only 2 games i play.
Most probably the Mario series, if you go by sales figures alone. And in general popularity, I'd say Mario as well. Face it, more people know who Mario is, than say, Master Chief, or Link.
The Mario series are quite popular (anything to do with the Mario franchise seems to sell).

That or, yes, WoW.
The most popular game/series of games are The Sims and The Sims 2 with their addons, each year they sell the largest amount of copies. That's PC-only, mind you, but as I'm not really into other platforms at the moment, I can't say anything about those. Personally, I have no idea what's the great fun in getting a handful of extra furniture and whatever else in each of those add-ons, but hey, seems like others know better.
All these Sims add-ons are rip-offs, in my opinion. They really aren't worth the extra 10, just for a few extra things that should be included as a free download. My friend said it adds a whole new genre of gameplay, which I disagree with, because they really don't add much. I had one or two of them, and I played around with them for a few hours, and then I got bored.

Serious wastes of money, if you ask me.
schooldays wrote:
All these Sims add-ons are rip-offs, in my opinion. They really aren't worth the extra 10, just for a few extra things that should be included as a free download. My friend said it adds a whole new genre of gameplay, which I disagree with, because they really don't add much. I had one or two of them, and I played around with them for a few hours, and then I got bored.

Serious wastes of money, if you ask me.

I agree with that opinion completely. Sure, it's, well, fun to play the thing for a while, I actually have them myself, but all the furniture packs, 3 extra professions or a bunch of pets is just, well, stupid. Of course, it's produced by EA, and EA is known for milking its products dry with adding as little innovation or investing as little work and money as possible, so there you have the results. The sad thing is that seeing the commercial success of the Sims, other companies will start doing same rubbish too. (As with HL Episodes, for example - instead of making one full game, it's split into three parts, which is basically making the optimal amount of money for the dev/publisher. Then again, Episodes might have more fun value, but are still so unforgivably short! Argh). Thus, we're potentially headed into an era of soulless, boring and short games that will sell anyway.
PC : Perhaps WoW
Sony Systems : Maybe Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil

Not forgetting old classics : Sonic, Mario, etc.
The whole topic is about a survey , so it requires some web resources,I think. Can anyone dig the net to find some good sources for making a good statistical survey of popular games? I am trying to get some sources but not satisfactory.
Here is one:
Well, there's the NPD group that goes for US sales, at least... Here's their press release for top 10 sold games of 2006.

While you will notice that WoW is indeed the most sold game of the year, please realise that The Sims 2 and four of their expansions are in the chart. *twitch*
I'd say sims would win hands down. But right now, WoW is also catching up very fast, so no clear winner.
Right now, I'd say its between World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. You'd be surprised by how many people actually play Starcraft online still these days.
I have to say Gears of War for the Xbox and the Halo franchise as well. While on the PC, World of Warcraft.
battlefield 2 or 1242 or somthing like that
I've heard Guitar Hero is getting pretty popular.
I think the Battlefield series for the PC was a good one.
LinkinPink wrote:
I've heard Guitar Hero is getting pretty popular.

I even haven't heard about it, how can it be famous? I am not a serious gamer, but still I am heard a lot about World of Warcraft from my friends, I didn't played it yet. But I know it is very popular from survays and from real world experience. The topic is about the most popular game, in different catagories like PC, Xbox, PlayStation etc So we better have some figures to support what we saying.
for myself,,, ragnarok!!!
Mario Bros.
Gotta be madden. On all consoles. Maybe not right now because football seasons over. But when football seasons going on there are tons of people playing it.
you have to tell us which kind of the game you like to know, you cannot compare WoW with Bejewled
I think it is Mortal Kombat...
Is there anyone that did nor hear about MK?
I don't think so Wink
The most popular game, Counter-Strike
I think its Pacman and thats only because its so old and its shown in many cartoons, movies and so on.. so thats why I think its very popular Smile (although no one plays it ) Wink
Hands down World of Warcraft. Hard to argue with 8.5 million subscribers. Man I wish I had Blizzards Money clip right now Very Happy
My favourite is cs and starcraft. It sastify my gaming needs and is addicting. I just couldn't get enough of them. Wink

But sometimes when I go lan-ing with friends, I would play Dota with them, and it is quite fun too.
WoW I think is the most popular. Halo 2 used to be I think before WoW....
I like Hero online
Not everyone likes Halo2 since kids can't play and parents do not play this as wel. WoW is suitable for everyone (above 12 if I can remember) which is a lot nicer and parents are addicted to it as well. The only problem is the monthly bill you need to pay (if you are addicted enough).
Well, it got to be either Counter-Strike 1.6, World of Warcraft og Starcraft. Maybe Everquest or Eve Online, but I'm not sure. At least, I don't like any of those games. Laughing
Alex Is Mental
I think it's WoW at the moment - it's definatly the most addictive. A few people have played it for ages, even died from exhaustion. MMORPG's will always be the most popular nowadays as they are so addictive.
I think that MMO's (no rpg) are the most popular since I think about it, it is because you can not be ashamed that you play so much since it is a 'social' game. Ever heared about a dutch band which played live on Second Life.
Flakky wrote:
I think that MMO's (no rpg) are the most popular since I think about it, it is because you can not be ashamed that you play so much since it is a 'social' game. Ever heared about a dutch band which played live on Second Life.
Yeah, I was there when they played, they were Direct or something. I play a lot of MMO's and they are cool.
Its definatelly CSS (counter-strike:source) or Halo

Reason CSS: has, well, amazing graphics and is a very fun game
Reasons Halo: A fun game allround, not beutiful graphics but satisfactory with the appropriate graphics card. And they both have fantastic clans to join and Mods to be made!
Command and Conquer games, Warcraft games they are considered very popular all ove rthe world.
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