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how many girlfriend/boyfriend have you ever got?

how many girlfriend/boyfriend have you ever got?

tell you what

i got none before and now

i just obeyed to my parents that to concentrate on my studying

i found myself really hard settle my mind down if i got a liked girl

and i couldn't get excel grade in school although no girl disturbing me

ahhhhhh mind messed up again... -Sad

i was wondering if that's all right to me to get a girlfriend

(i got the loved girl though but...i kept distance with her)
Oh my, you really want me to count them? well umm ..thats a tough job, give me a day atleast. haha kidding. Wink

By the way is there something wrong with your enter key Confused , I've noticed same pattern in almost all of your posts.
Sometimes parents just don't understand what their child really feels or think.
Yes, I do agree that it is essential to avoid having a girlfriend before you finish your studies, but what if that special someone just suddenly appears right in front of you? Don't tell me you're gonna hold back just because your parents think it's not right to have someone you admire. Try to get close to her, treat her more than a friend (but of course not to the extend of *ahem*....YET).
Just my 2 cents.

As for me, I couldn't recall how many girlfriends i've had Laughing
I had 4 girlfriend. but I usually dont like them. but the last one, I really love her so much... Embarassed
I've only had 3 girlfriends so far. Then again, I'm only 19 year old, so I guess that's pretty normal.
Anyway, I guess I didn't really like any of them. My last girlfriend was black, and I only hung out with her because it pissed my parents off. They arent racists as such, but they would prefer for me to go out with a white girls, for reasons beyond me. We're all human, after all. What does your skin colour matter, if you are supposed to love a person for their inner beauty? Kind of hypochritical to me. Sad

i have zero.

sometimes being friends are better than girlfriends.

the feel that when she calls and you have no choice to pick it, the dreadful day when she leave you and money, time spend. ah. it's just so unspeakable
None... this is my first love and first lover and last for 5 years up to now...
I dont want to find another coz such process is exhaustive...

It has not been easy to make me truly love someone. I wont let myself saying " I Love you" to a girl until I considered she would most probably be my wife and who is gonna being with me for the rest of my life.....for this, I wont have any regret..

Too stupid and old- fashion, huh? But I believe that should be what LOVE is.....

i find it hard to say i love you.

what happen if she stand up and glare at you, and walk away ?

then you won't even have a friendship ???

In Japan, i read one ocassion new. forum people helps one guys to woo a girl .

maybe you guys can help me.

1. Just one. The ladies love me, but I'm extremely picky.
I had 7 and finally got a stable one! Laughing
one but that was a mistake. I have a "Sister". Shes not really my sister but thats what I call her. We don't act like true brother and sister would. I treat her as if she was my girlfriend.

Long story behind it, its one of those weird summer camp storys that dont make sense. For those of you wondering about it, which is probably nobody, I was walking with my friends, which were all girls. I randomly made the comment that I wish I had a little sister. Then my friend turns and says I wish I had an older brother. Next thing you know, I have a "Sister".
i have many good frnds who are girls, but as for girlfrnds i dont intend to have until i get a good job
One only . Although 4 years ago , when we are so young , there are 12 ppl like me (not love ,cause too young) .
im still 13
I've only had one, it lasted two years and then she ripped my heart out and stomped all over it (not literally, but it felt like it Sad) still trying to get over her and its been 6 months Sad But soon I'll be on the hunt for another, hopefully with better results next time
I am on my 4th girlfriend, and this one is sticking around since we're getting married in March Smile
I've had 3 serious relaionships ; and embarking on my 4th.
Parents know best ; I hate to say it but they do most of the time.
You should have had the best of both world though.

Balance it out.
Study, but have a social life.

Like I'm trying to. ^_^
ive had zero lol

thru i m loving someone but ive still got to ask
About 6 girlfriends
If you think thats bad my sister has had over 50 boyfriends!!! and she is only 17
Iv had 1 and still with her. Why change when we still are havin fun!
Ive only had one, and im still with her =) over a year now!.. Also my best friend is also a girl(its my gf's best friend too). Shes like me sister lol
I've never had one before until recently. We get along with each other really well and have lots of fun together. One of the biggest things to worry about is parents though and probably grades too. It's all about maintaining a balance.
I have gone out with atleast five girls.......

Nah, just kidding. I dont have any girlfriends yet. I am just in year 9.
eday2010 wrote:
I am on my 4th girlfriend, and this one is sticking around since we're getting married in March Smile

Lucky son of a bitch!
I have only one girl friend till now
I love her very much
had 9 g/f's...

but that doesnt obviously include the ladies ive er... got to no a lil better then friends Wink

Oh, me? Well, I've had, uh, 2.5. To explain;
When I was 13, I had a quick fling with a girl 2 years older; actually, she was probably having a "fling" with me, as I didn't know what I was doin'.
When I was 14, I had a sort of long distance (around some 20, 30 miles; that's what we call, "annoyingly out of reach) relationship with a girl, oh, 1 year younger. Don't get me wrong, we saw each other several times during the 4 - 5 month period we were "together", but it didn't last.
Now, here I am, less than a month away from being 16, and I think I might have a third girlfriend here pretty soon. Hint: that's why I said, 2.5. She's a bit younger than me, which is a slight problem (I've got 1 & 3/4 years on her), but she's as mature as a 17-year old, and looks like one too (minus the height).

Yep, I rock.
Congrats eday!

I've been with 4-5 girlfriends... not quite sure because those relationships always end up being pretty weird and unstable. Some lasted a year like others lasted a month. I'd say sometimes we get so confused, we think we love someone but we realize we were in love With Love.
hmm....officially only 1...but had a few flings with 3/4 girls while i was back in secondary school =) one was even a model!
I got five girlfriends. Really its hard to handle all of them at a time but see all it need is tricky mind and faithful lies. Hey its no harm in keeping 5 or more girlfriends coz its no bad, its because its ok until you keep all of them happy!
Hey why don't we have girlfriend making competition. I have heard a man can handle all 16 gals at a time. he he
I got no one for the past 2 years already but I had 3 GFs. If you ask me if I want my 4th one, YES but not now because I have other stuffs to prioritize. Wink
I think it's healthy to have several girl/boyfriends , just to figure when you find the true one , you make sure it's that person .
I don't really believe in people that find the real love at 16 years old without having any experience in that subject .
Also it's kinda hard to make statement on feelings, since everybody got differents ones .
U see i have X girlfriends.
Let me explain what X is
X is a variable which has no fix value and may increase and decrease by the affect of time or any external affect

Avk Wink
i have one before
but now zero...

hope i have a girlfriend now
I still have no girlfriends. I know a very beautiful one, but she's busy... Crying or Very sad

I don't know if I'll stand more this situation!
ive never had one. My art teacher says im a treasure because i have standards and i wont put up with a guys B.S. Apparently its a good thing but it makes me feel kinda square.
None till now. Wont have any either, hell all girls just hate me. Just my damn hard luck.
I got 3 boyfriends, I'm seventeen. Well, one of them was a really strange relationship. I don't know if we were partners or not. lol.
i think i`ve had 5...
but never more than 1 at a time Very Happy
I had only one real girlfriend .. I mean a real one .. Confused
Well simply putting it... Zero and I ain't gonn ahve one anytime soon )not because that's my problem!).
Only one.. my first and the best Very Happy Very Happy
Well 0. It's obvious. I'm a nerd Razz
well...... had none

I have a crush on this gal in my school thats it!

i had one last year.. what a failure!!! Evil or Very Mad
i had one serious one before and the feeling kinda sucked. wanted to break up like a million yrs ago but he's still disturbing me. hope he forgets me.




I gotta something like 7, serious 3.

Very Happy
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