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What job do u have for now?what job do u want for wish?

like i said

What job do u have for now?what job do u want for wish??

i'm a guy who is thinking about my jobs in my future

i got no ideas about whether i should take the job which is easy to find

or i ought to take the job that in my favor

my mind is so messed up.....
I would like to beta test Games and be paid for it Very Happy
I wanna be either gfx designer / coder or Both .
i would like to be either a Game Tester or a Programmer..but i really, really, like to open up my own small Software Developing company and be my own boss!!!
I'm currently an E-I-C for a newspaper. I'm still undergrad so no companies are accepting me as a programmer.

But my dream job is to be a multi-media artist. Making movie effects and things like those.
i used to work graveyard shift at a job; it was so easy, i just brought my computer and did what ever i wanted (it wasn't a sales/retail job), but the pay wasn't too hot. so i'm back in school.
I hope to get a high paid job, and I'm sure that's what the majority of people want too. Laughing
Maybe an electronic engineer would be good. Very Happy
Porn star !!!!

Just dream job would be something i love..challenging(when i want it) and fun!!! Besides paying me an obscene amount of money~
I am currantly a mechanic...(and I'm my own boss) Very Happy

I am working on going to flight school and learning to fly, (thats what my website is going to be about) Cool

That's my ambition Exclamation

Be well...

Cash Very Happy
I'm currently a student in high school, I'm in my Junior year. I got refered to the job from my dad, so I work at the same place as him, but not on the same day that he works. Anyway, I'm a cashier at the carwash he works for in Chicago (he's a manager over there on most of the days that I'm not there) but I get paid $7.00 an hour for it. Minimum wage here in Illinois is $6.50 an hour, so that's not bad. I only work on Saturdays (it fits in perfect with my schedule) but that's not bad, since after taxes and all I take home around about $70.00 for one full day. Although that may not sound like a lot, but to me it lets me pay for gas for the car every week and to have some pocket change to buy what I want. Wink As for the job that I want to get in the future - I would really love to become an owner of a computer shop, that's where my hobby is. I really enjoy working inside of them and on the software. I've done enough programming in my life (over the past few years) where I am to the conclusion that I don't want to do it any longer. I do it sometimes now, but not as often as before. I find that actually working on something is quite a lot better than tapping keys all day long on the computer. I can only dream that will actually become my job in a few years. Very Happy

- Mike.
err well when when i turn 16 next year i wanna get a small job then when i go through college i wanna be a computer designer.... like bill gates but not as ugly xD Razz
dhawal wrote:
I would like to beta test Games and be paid for it Very Happy

Same here Wink

I always wish to have this kind of job. Testing games and being paid Cool
I work for google, kinda, not really. I just advertise for them (Adsense).

My dream job is undecided and wont be for another 3 years.
S3nd K3ys
I do some contract graphics, computer programming, and CAD/CAM. My day job is as a CAD/CAM programmer/machinist, which I enjoy completely. I look forward to going to work (almost) every day. The pay is nice. I'll have a job just about anywhere I go in the world.

My dad always told me: "You'll never get rich being a machinist, but you'll always be able to put food on the table." Since "rich" is a reletive term, and I incorporate happyness in the equation for being rich, I consider myself rich.
I'm currently in college right now.. unemployed.

I worked over the summer... an internship at a plant. Cargill. I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but um.. heard of Honeysuckle meat? Something like that, lol. I just worked in the maintenance department sketching up drawings and using AutoCAD.

However, I'd like to become a game developer some day. I don't know. I think that'd be amazing. I love programming and all that good junk.
I'm currently a student but would very much like to become a travel photographer.
i nothing to do now...
find job now...
wish can get a easy job....haha!
I'd like a job that would pay me enough so I can work for ten full years and then retire Very Happy But I'd have plenty of money to spend on stuff.
For now I'm a student, but I'd like to be a computer programmer. Wink
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