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Email Forwarding/Accounts Question

Firstly, my apologies if this has already been answered - I have had a look but I can't find anything (perhaps I didn't look hard enough).

Secondly. My apologies if I get some of the technical terms wrong, I am learning..... slowly....

Finally! I have frihost hosting and I have two DNS pointing to my site - and (I made the image previously, and so far it is all I have - don't laugh, i wanted to put something up). I want to make it such that, for instance, an email sent to will arrive at an email address of my choosing.

some thoughts:
1) I would probably be perfectly happy using the frihost webmail, I haven't looked at it but I'm sure it is good. It could also to begin with be a gmail account I could setup or something....

2) To begin with I just want one email address, or rather, I want all emails sent to, and to be forwarded to one email address.

3) later on I will hopefully need several email addresses and a catch all - such that say goes to my email address, fred@etcetc goes to his email address, sales@ goes somewhere.... you get the idea!

I have directadmin and I can't find anyway of doing this. I have also been to my account with the people I bought the website from and looked there for forwarding options and I can't find the right thing (it seems quite likely to me that this wouldn't really be to do with my frih hosting...)

any helpful suggestions?

thank you, and sorry for wasting time with basic questions - i have spent ages looking, but i'm sure someone could tell me in about two minutes.

thank you in advance Smile
by default a catch-all email account is created (

The three options of interest in the email submenu are - "Email Accounts", "Set catch-all e-mail address" & "Forwarders".

And they each do exactly as they are named. Wink

Create additional mailboxes in the "Email Accounts" menu.
Delegate Catch-all status to any of these email accounts at the "Set catch-all e-mail address" menu.
And lastly, set the mail to be forwarded to an external mailbox in the "Forwarders" menu.
This is a complete tutorial explaining how to use gmail for recieving and sending emails and how to use 1 email for mutiple accounts. But only thing is it was for cpanel and not directadmin but i'm sure you will be able to figure that out easily yourself after reading it.
Hi, thanks for your help. I don't think my main question has been answered though - what I most want to do is to get emails sent to forwarded somewhere.... This probably doesn't fall within Frihost and it probably also depends on who I have registered my domain with. I don't know what is happening at the moment... if you type in, the page i have hosted at frihost comes up. But i think this is just forwarding - can frihost actually host this site?

I am confused!!

Can someone please direct me to the answer on the forum somewhere? I don't really know what i'm looking for....

Thanks, once again!
Go to your DirectAdmin --> Email Menu --> Forwarders --> Create new Forwarder --> ...

However, your domains aren't hosted yet by us. You first need to point the dns to us, it is fill in and into the nameserver fields on your registrars website.

Afterwards add the domains in DirectAdmin. (advanced settings --> add additional domains)
getting there!

Thank you for the advice and instructions - I hadn't added my domains to this host, i'd just pointed them at it. anyway, i now have some semblance of emailing working, although possibly it isn't all working - I'm just waiting to see if it is forwarding ok - maybe it is just taking a long time.

Anyway, I am well on the road to fixing the emails, now I just have to start fixing the site and adding some content Smile

Thank you.
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