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."the worst computer worm of the year"

Well folks better watch out for this."the worst computer worm of the year" sure sounds SCARY

You've got a mail from the FBI
Answer it and bogus e-mail will infect you with deadly worm
November 27, 2005

IF it says it's from the US Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation, avoid it like the plague.

An e-mail is going around, claiming to be from the CIA or FBI. And if you open it using Windows, you'll be in big trouble.

It's being called the worst computer worm of the year, The Washington Post reported, and lots of people are falling for it.

The bogus e-mail claims the government has discovered you visiting 'illegal' websites and asks you to open an attachment to answer some official questions.

If you do, the worm gets in and your computer gets infected. It can disable security and firewall programs and automatically send similar e-mails to contacts in your address book.

It can also keep you from getting to computer security sites that might help fix the problem, and may even open your computer to intruders who can steal your personal data.

The e-mail even includes an authentic phone number for the FBI or CIA.

And that has kept government switchboard operators busy in the US.

The worm - named Sober X - has spread so fast that the CIA and the FBI have put warnings on their websites saying they did not send out the e-mail and urging people not to open the attachment.

In Europe, the Austrian investigation agency is looking at a flurry of similar bogus e-mails sent in its name.

'This particular virus is a mass-mailer worm and is the largest one we have seen this year,' said a senior official at Symantec, which sells the Norton AntiVirus software.

'It's as bad as it gets. With this particular type of virus on your system, there is a high probability that your personal information will be stolen.'

A virus-research manager at McAfee said his company, which also makes anti-virus software, had logged more than 73,000 consumer computers reporting detection since the worm was discovered Monday.

British e-mail security company MessageLabs said it has intercepted more than 2.7 million copies of Sober X and its variants, noting that 'the size of the attack indicates that this is a major offensive'.

If I got an E-mail like that I would:
1- Write 0's to my hard drive
2- Sell my computer
3- Get a new computer
4- Get a new ISP (and therefore a new IP adress)
That way, there would be no evidence, and I could use the internet (hopefully) without any more government survailence.

But, anyway I use linux so I'm immune to almost all viruses and worms Smile
Dude! This worm is... evil. I would like to get to know the programmer before I kill him.
I agree with ocalhoun. Seriously, if the government ever e-mailed me, I would freak out, gov't wipe my computer, move to Russia, burn my pc, and change my name to Bass GS. Darn feds.
Gee, is it really the government e-mailing? Have you read the article?

In any case, it serves you right for opening attachments sent by people you don't know.
Of course I read the article, else how would I know about the E-mail?
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