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Your Best and Worst on Black Friday

Today, if you dont already know, is black friday, the day with all the hella good deals at stores. For those of you who went shopping today, whats your best part and your worst part.

Worst: Almost not getting Call of Duty 2. I looked in todays paper and found a 1 day sale ad for Call of Duty 2 at a ridicously low price of $23. After convincing my parents to drive down to get it, Call of Duty 2 was already sold out Sad But this story has a Smile ending

Best: Getting Call of Duty 2. After wandering the store for a few minutes, I noticed a shopping cart with COD2 laying in it. By the looks of the items in the cart, it was probably a restock cart but there were too many people to make that an automatic assumption. I stood there and waited and looked at the nearby Anime and other DVDs in the area. after about 5 minutes of waiting, there were new people in the aisle so I just grabbed the game. As I was leaving the store a good 2 hours after grabbing the game, the shopping cart was in the same spot.

So lets hear about this day of sales.
well i didnt take part in this sale but a friend of mine who worked at best buy told me this.

The had a great deal on a P4 1.5 gig cpu 128 ram, 32 video card, cd burner, 40 gig hd, monitor , speakers, mouse and keyboard for only 300 bucks.

That has to be the cheapest i have ever seen a cpu, granted it isnt the best computer in the world but a great gift for a child, old person, some one who really cant afford a computer. While i dislike them for having crappy service i do think something should be said for them trying to make computers accesable to the needy and children and old people. so cheers to Best buy, and old people lol
I avoided all stores at all costs today. My wife is out of town for the weekend so I didn't have to play bodygaurd this year, LOL. I got to skip out in a weekend with my inlaws and Black Friday... I also talked my best friend into doing the same so it is a GREAT WEEKEND for me.
ah yes it is fun to skip the whole in-law thing. I cant stand my wifes parents. I feel like i am going to the zoo to spen time with the monkies when i have to visit with them. I was so glad when my engine blew in my car so i didnt have to drive across the state to take her there. they picked her up and , gasp , didnt have room for me in the car. darn lol.
So, we went to walmart at 5:00 a.m. in a small, southern town hoping to get a laptop for $275 (or 2 or 5). Decent specs, but I can't remember. I told them it'd be packed despite the location and there'd be people who camped out waiting, but no one believed me. Turns out we all headed straight for the electronics department only to find that they were using vouchers that were located at the front of the store. Only had 20, too. After the ordeal, I hoped to pick up a help book for linux that they had online, but they didn't have it in the store. All in all, a total bust.
Did you see the brawl that they got on camera at the Wal-Mart in Orlando? That looked funny but stupid.

Also, that one lady with the wig that got trampled was really sad. Jay Leno made fun of her because she picked up and put on her wig before she got off the ground.
My best was getting a 120GB Seagate Hard Drive for 30 dollars from Best Buy.

Worst, finding out that Compusa had a 200GB Seagate Hard Drive for 30 dollars along with Staples having a 200GB Maxtor Hard Drive for 30 dollars...
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