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Frames, Tables, iFrames

Frames vs Tables
 16%  [ 4 ]
 84%  [ 21 ]
Total Votes : 25

Frames supported extremely well by Dreamweaver or the classic Borderless Table. In web design witch is best.

The only flaw with frames I can find is that they will not appear centered on a monitor of a different resolution this is best seen when viewing it on a bigger one.

Tables are based on text formats, while Frames are based on Pixels making them uncontrolled by the CSS files in placement making it like moving items around on a destop to make a face or something.

iFrames (with meta fades added with a Dreamweaver ext.) may allso win hands down, but are hard to use

All have flaws and great uses, but which one is BEST!
The best is DIV, but it is not in your list, so I picked TABLES, beecause it could be read by text-based browser and crawlers. If you want best page, use DIV, if you want easy-made page and also google-frendly use TABLEs, and if you want a worst page use frames, because it is easy to made and update, so like amateurs like. Google hates frame pages, because cralers can't crawl through it.

This is my opinion, but the decission upon you. (Sorry my bad english)
Div is the same thing as Layers in my experiance layers are just Divs with values
I have used iFrames in the past and i thoguht they worked wonderful. Making the content in the fram for easy updating. Of course my site wasnt all that big just a small clan site...
I personally think divs and tables are better then frames because if the user access your site from a search engine and not the home page they still have a 100% probabilty of load your whole page (include menu heading etc.) instead just loading one frame.
Yeah, I would say neither, hehe.
I prefer tables. I used to use iframes, but they are very annoying and require seperate pages to be made.

Well tables and frames don't have the same goals !
If we're talking about webdesign (humm, I mean finding a layout for your pages), tables will need a template-based system whereas frames will mean simplicity and less code redundancy.

Now, in terms of modern webdev' :

Nested tables that contain graphics (hence, used for displaying a specific layout) are evil, in terms of w3c compliance, semantics and so on.

On the other hand, if you want to use frames don't forget to always provide your visitor with a way of finding the front door (table of contents etc) and make sure you use the NOFRAMES tag along with content in your body tag (that way robots can crawl your website).

Best of all : use DIVs and CSS.

The only flaw with frames I can find is that they will not appear centered on a monitor of a different resolution this is best seen when viewing it on a bigger one.

That's probably because you've set the widths and height in absolute sizes (ie. pixels) instead of percentage.
Take this :


<frameset cols="*,50%,*">
<frame src="about:blank">
<frame src="content.html">
<frame src="about:blank">
<h1>My alternate version</h1>
<a href="link1.html">Go to my sports page</a><br>
<a href="link2.html">Go to my pets page</a><br>

The use of the asterisk * tells the browser to calculate itself the useable extra space on the screen, on the left and on the right of my 50% area where my content goes, thus horizontally centering the whole thing.
Can be done also with vertically centering, and BOTH  ;-)

Have fun !
the best are div & iframes so if i must choose between tables or frames i choose tables...
Not to sound redundant or anything, but tables are fine if you're presenting tabulat data.
As for frames... I personally despise them. Frames slow down your page and they're totally unnecessary.
Use a CSS!
For Sure Frames....
Uploading page with table code much faster than uploading page with frames!
really! i didnt know that Alie.

But don't you need tables to position frames? without putting a layer
engeland wrote:
really! i didnt know that Alie.

But don't you need tables to position frames? without putting a layer

Oh dear!
I'm using only tables. ALL kinds of tables. I don't need iframes at all. Give me any plus of the iframe or frame that you don't have in tables!
Hmm... a plus for frames, that's not too hard!

You don't have to repeat the menu on every page ie. you have one frame with a menu in it and one frame for your content.

1) Loading will be FASTER, you don't have to load a menu every time you open a new page
2) You don't have to waste time repeating the same damb menu on EVERY page of your site. You also don't have to go though and change every single page of your site when you make a small change to your menu.
3) It makes creating and navigating your site REALLLY EASY (if done right!)

CONS... Frames are not supported very well.
1) Search sites cannot index very well
3) Not many people use them so there is not much attention and expansion of them. ie. CSS, SHTML and so on are all developing but frames ARE NOT!!! Crying or Very sad

So I think frames are ok for personal website (that you don't care if they're not in search engines, or if you can't bookmark every page) but for most sites you should use tables because bookmarking and being listed in search engines is a necessity.
dray101 wrote:

You don't have to repeat the menu on every page ie. you have one frame with a menu in it and one frame for your content.

If it's difficult to press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V... You can't even change color of a border! The strange line in the middle of the site is not so impressing...
And what about some serious templates for your page? Can you make the same thing with frames like with templates?
When you have a biggish site or even a medium sized one pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V all the time is such a waste of time! and do you really what to have to go back and change each of the 50 or so pages just because you added another section.... what a waste!

And you change the border color- just not very well. You can also hide the border bar (so it looks like it is one page/document)

And templates aren't the best. They're ok if you an amateur but if you want the best site you will make the design yourself.
-- DON'T design you site around templates --
-- DO design you site (by hand) around your content --

Razz I'm not saying use frames I'm just saying don't rule them out!!!!
Sometimes frames are perfect for they type of site you want to create! Laughing
if you use tables, like i do, you definatley have to use PHP include, so ur nav is one file etc.... makes it far easier to edit
I use frames to create the menu section and main content section and then locate the content of each using tables.

This works well for me and allows me to precisely position multi part graphics like my menu bar.

check it out if you like.

All the coding is hand written. I used to use Adobe imageready but I like to keep it tidy for future editing which means hand writing it is easier, but I learnt how by playing with my earlier ImageReady creations.
Im going to not answer that poll because both options are as bad as eachother, frames just dont work have to many problems and are down right ugly, and Tables are never to be associated with page layout.. EVER!
CSS all the way.
What do you think of my site?
It's not quite finished yet (will be done by Christmas Laughing)
It uses frames for Layout.

Reminds me of my OMNIS Neo Project before I leared of Macromedia, PHP and Mysql softwares.
I think that frames could be used depending on the design of the web site, but i've never used them. So i'll stick to tables.
Frame is annoying, specially if it not by percentage
Table is better but the best is the one in between iframe, which requires table, however yes this is kinda hard to control and some browser won't let you view them properly and you kinda need to code more to fit into that browser

div aka layers, this isn't bad either just more headache to figure the position, but this sometime can be bad to start with, before I couldn't code it properly my layers keep on floating rather than fixed, so I got stuck with table & iframe for ages
/cry....i hate them both

CSS DIV's!!!@#@

but....i'd have to go with tables over frames...even if it makes my eyes bleed
It definately depends on what you're trying to do. I'm not a big fan of frames. But I used Tables and iFrames on the same page before.
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