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Problems with my pc

My pc is very slow,it does some estrange sounds and i have to wait 3 minutes until i can do anything when windows is loading.What i can do?
You havent specified the configuration of your PC. Which version of Windows are you running, amount of phyiscal memory you have, etc?

The reason why a Windows OS gradually starts to slow down is because of its registry. When you install a new application, entries are passed into the registry where as when you uninstall the application, not all of its enteries are removed. Some are left behind and therefore the registry starts to get fragmented.

You'll need to use a registry cleaner to get rid of those invalid entries. By doing so, you should be able to see a gain in performance. An example of a good registry cleaner I will recommend is Registry Mechanic.

And ofcourse, spyware/adware are known to cause systems to lag too.
In addition to what he said, you could try upgrading your RAM and processor. Maybe get a bigger hard drive if you have to.
In addition to what they said before i want to say you that try to reduce startup programs.
One more important thing I missed out. Defragment all your hard disk partitions.
Why do not you installment a new operating system
Please, don't install a new system before you know what you're doing. Create a good backup of all of your files, check if you have all your installation disks, write down your computer configuration (hardware such as wich soundcart and video cart you have) and reconsider that if you have winXP you have to activate it.
So, first try the other (good) tips in this thread or give us some more info about your problem.

Good luck!
Prolly some spywares, adwares or even viruses. Sad

Or maybe you just have too many processes that are running? Smile

Could you give us a list of your open processes? I can tell you if you have a virus or some spywares and I think I can help you if you do have some of those nasty things. Very Happy
Chuck it out and buy a new one Twisted Evil
one more problem not mentioned here i believe is running a OS which requires more hardware then you have. You can install windows XP with only 64 ram (i know, i had this Very Happy) but you can`t expect it to behave like it will normally do with 128 or more. Probably installing windows 98 would be a better ideea.

P.S. The best ideea would be to install linux if you have the know-how.
use spybot search and destroy and run the following checks

system internals
spybot check
remove unneeded startup entries
milano wrote:
My pc is very slow,it does some estrange sounds and i have to wait 3 minutes until i can do anything when windows is loading.What i can do?

Nice how we all are wondering what his problem is Laughing
Uh ... Milano ... could you tell us some more about your problem? I think we all need some more info before we can help you....

Wink JohanFH
If you have a Hijack This program then use it and I can find out the exact problem. Note that those logs are long and takes about a day for me to get through one.

If you don't have it then that's ok too. Best thing to do is to check for viruses/spyware and defrag your system.

A good free virus scanner is Stop Sign if you need one.
some things i usually do, windows has a built in feature called system restore. is the worst program they could have ever added. when used it over writes system info. usually causing it to be worse than it was to begin with. also everytime you start up your computer this program takes a snap shot of your hard drive. and saves it and of course by default it is set to store enough of the snapshots to use up your entire hard drive. any time i instal windows or buy a new computer i turn off this program. and instantly you can see your hard drive space free up. and computer runs alot better.
firstly uninstall which you dont use
secondly you run dics uniting


you format your competer and re setup windows Smile)
I could not see your computer specification. If your computer is so old, I agree the other user, you should buy new one. If your computer new but still problem, this is bad. At the beginning your computer was quick and now slow. Try reinstall operation system and use your computer minumum software. If this solves the problem, because of some of your program. If not you should install good anti virus and spyware program.
If you think that your PC specs is still good enough not to be considered as obsolete then try running the following programs:

Delete unneeded files (create a backup if your not sure)
Uninstall unused apps

Still slow?

Reformat drive and reinstall OS and important apps (make sure you have all the drivers and installers)

Doesn't help?

Do some hardware upgrading like memory or cpu.

Not satisfied?

Buy a new PC Wink
I agree with the guy who said clean your registry, i for one am very picky and need my computer neat all the time hehe, also run a scandisk to check for errors usually takes around 40 mins you can do that by right clicking on the C drive (in my computer) then select tools and click scandisk or "check now" that usually helps
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