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Personal Development

Setting goals
How many people set goals?
If you do you write them down and commit to them?
Do you ever acheive your goals?
Is there a time limit on your goals?

I find setting goals to be a hard thing... I'm going to try to do it from now on in order to improve my life.
Well i really have no idea what my goals are, ive had career talks and that at school but to be honest the were crap. Ive no idea what i want to do when i leave school, or even when will i leave school.

Possibly something in computers, but im not too keen on going to uni. So meh, im off the play medal of honor Very Happy
My goals in life:

1. Play video games
2. Keep receiving free web hosting from FriHost
3. Become top web designer of the year

Man I've got some real good goals/dreams, don't you think?
1. Become a Forum God like Stec of
2. Run a successful web Bussiness!
3. Get a job so I can transfer to Serpenthost!
4. Get Rich
5. Donate Large Amounts of Money to so they can have Cpanel/Fantasico!
Here's mine: (random order)

1. Get the job I ever wanted (though I have now but it sucks)
2. Pass the MCSE Exam
3. Have kids and a beautiful wife
4. Have a simple life with techky house (which have RISC driven amenelities, Hope so. ^_^)
5. Win in a lottery, I do want to contribute in charities and help some old folks, orphans and poor ones. Wink
6. Be a FriHoster for the rest of my life
My goals:

1. Become a computer scientist
2. Earn a lot of money with it
3. Buy my very own Xserve + RAID device (up to 7 TB nowadays!)
4. Do some research in Artificial Intelligence
5. And actually the most important one of all: have a good marriage and just be happy!
My goal now is to learn java. This is the best lang in future.
I really don't have a lot to say in this that I haven't already said in my website. Just go to
Small goals are good, but the simple goal of becoming better, in intelligence, wisdom, undersatnding, fairness, and chivalry, is definetely better. For those who want to do do, the first step is to simple desire to do so, or desire to want to do so.
Happy paths!
Twisted Evil
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