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What do you think about Flash?

Well what do you think. I think it is a great program although it has some flaws it is still worth the money and the effort to learn to use it. Just express your opinions here.
I think flash is very good to make interactive websites... But that's not everyone who have the time to learn and to create with this software.
And the actionscript is very complicated ... But flash is very funny when you know how to make good animations.

If you want tutorials for flash go here :
Flash is good if you can use it right. SWISH is a lot better flash meker than macromedia. You can download it free at
Flash is too good
If u know flash to the max then i think that u can create history and the present thru it
U can create the future through it too if u have the imaginatrin in you
That's it
The Tutorials that u get online makes the task much more easier
Thanks netJunk for the link Very Happy .
If you want to see some flash websites go here :

The 2 best's I think.
Flash is OK. But don't load your site with to much of it.

By the way, why can not people on this forum use the English language correctly?

Read this post and this article...
otiscom wrote:

By the way, why can not people on this forum use the English language correctly?

Just because I normaly talk french !
It is great, once you find out how to use it. I was clueless when I first got it. But know I really like it. I havent actually gotten to put a flash site up yet, but I'm working on a really indepth one.
Since I am a really bad artist, I passed right by flash but I really do enjoy the program. On our graduation slideshow last year in 8th grade, there was a really crappily done flash cartoon about dopefish on there and it was made by me!
otiscom wrote:
Flash is OK. But don't load your site with to much of it.

By the way, why can not people on this forum use the English language correctly?


true about loading it with too much. and not everyone here is from the US or any other english part of the world. you would be surprised though. Some non english people here are smarter in english than lots of actual english people i know.
I would have to say that Flash is worth the time and money.
The downside is that you could end up spending a lot of time while learning to use Flash properly. On the upside, there is no shortage in tutorials on the net to follow.

Bottom line is, there isn't much that you can't do with Flash, the question is, how much time are you willing to spend.
One thing that Flash is really good at is "audiographics" - that is animated slides with voice-over. This is good for explaining things. One reason it works well is that it produces smaller files than other approaches while maintaining a high quality of sound and image.
Hey Flah is really too good.
It is very User Friendly .
Actionscript makes the program very very interactive and also cool.
U can see the tutorials given by most of the websites.Just give a click on google and then the tutorial list is unlimited
l think flash both made and killed the internet, heres why:

1. To sites it is relevant to, flash is extremly helpful, such as, lets say a computer help site, a flash could show you visually how to fix a problem you're having.

2. Now every site l go to l have to watch this stupid intro about a egg falling and hatching into a baby and the baby grows wings, and 20 min. of my life are gone, even though this intro has nothing to do WITH ANYTHING!!!!

3. Flash has been WAAAY over-used. Let me say this again, WAAY over-used! l don't need to waste so much time loading a crappy flash when l could just read text! For some people l'm sure they help, but all these flash menus and flash logos and flash banners etc. they really add to the annoyance of a site, and thats when you just stop going to some sites because their random flash ads take too long to load!
it very good program.
it make more interesting Very Happy
flash is fun for making animations. a website i help with is based around flash anims and its pretty cool i think Very Happy
I really like flash and wish I had the time to learn it. I see so many amazing sites that use it and I want to make my site use it and add all those special effects. I also love those flash cartoons/animations that tones of people make, they're really impresive and funny. Maybe one day I'll be able to do all that stuff...... one day....

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