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Anyone with acne problem

goto this site

it tells how to use Benzol Peroxide. Which works, i orded or u could buy bengel and refer to the website for how to use it.
does it work well? sometimes when i ain't lazy i put on some of those medicated creams, they last a lil awhile, but then when you stop it gets really bad. and btw what does mun stand for, model united nations?
That Benzoyl Peroxide... can you just buy that at a store (Wal Mart for example)? Or do you have to order it specially?

so pretty much keep good hygiene to start with..
Masochistic Tendencies
This topic was totatlly random but yes it works. XD The best thing to use is a concentration of 10% peroxide. Most of them are only 2.5% which sucks. Later. Twisted Evil
useful for me,
Shocked Shocked Shocked
good hygiene has nothing to do with it... its basically genetic...

OTC you can get benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid

i would recommend u see a dermatologist in your area
prescription-wise he/she will probably prescribe an oral antibiotic, probably a -cycline (doxy, tetra, mono) and some topicals (either benzaclin, duac, or something like it) or something like retin-A or differin

if u have really bad acne (either 2nd or 3rd degree) the doctor will probably prescribe Accutane. But you have to go thru a lot of legal shit in order to get, especially if you are a girl
just make sure to scrub your face with nail & soap every day & the acnes are gone.
it works for me. Laughing
AnGeLicK wrote:
good hygiene has nothing to do with it

ohhhh realllly?
I used to have a little acne problem but not anymore.
Masochistic Tendencies wrote:
This topic was totatlly random but yes it works. XD The best thing to use is a concentration of 10% peroxide. Most of them are only 2.5% which sucks. Later. Twisted Evil

In the article it says NOT to use 10%. So I would suggest sticking with the 2.5
I have used Proactiv. Its okay but sometimes I don't think its working. I bet if I used any other product cheaper the results we probably be better or the same. Since they all use the same chemcials like perioxide and salicyic acid (spl).

I think good hygiene is also a cause of acne. YOu know those black heads and stuff. They're dirt in your pores. If you take the initiative to wash your face and take proper care of your face you'll prevent these things. Nutrition might be a case too. Even though some scientist say food is not a cause of acne. When I eat like greesy or spicy food I tend to get a pimple or two the next day or that night.
10 % bp is no good, it just irrates the skin. And is not as effective as 2.5,
bp 2.5% is hard to find in stores but if you can get a cream with 5 % or less you are fine. Make sure u use alot, first u start with little than little more than lot. Also make sure u are really gentle with yor skin. Dont rub ur face. More info on the website
Learnt everything I know about acne on that site. I personally don't like Dan's regimen though... : Confused
gonzo wrote:

so pretty much keep good hygiene to start with..

I'm sorry, but that picture makes it look really sick >.<

I don't really get many spots and things, but I find that trying to cover them up only makes them worse. Only squeeze if it has a well-developed head (not meant to sound bad), not at any other time because you will spread it.

I also find that if you use a good exfoliatoir (yes, even you boys), especially if it contains micro-beads, it generally prevents more coming up while you're still concentrating on getting rid of the ones you already have.
For some people, it don't works...
I had acne problems... and I can say I had a good hygiene
I had tried many solutions.

Finally, my doctor gave me "curacné", a generic of "roycutane"
and now, I don't have any spot
and I haven't change my hygiene

PS : Gonzo, I think you're the recordman of the closed-minds... Confused
and shut up when you don't know something !!!!
( sorry for the moderators... but It's too difficult to support him... )
does genital herpes count as ACNE?

anyone? anyone?
dont know but did u give google a try
Well......i don't have a problem with acne. But whenever i have one or two pimples, all i have to do is drink more water, exercise (sweat it out) and sleep more.

Hope it helps.
Yeah, don't use 10% BP. One time I did this morning and night for about 3 days (and even used a moisturizer) and my skin around my mouth became very very dry to the point it looked like wrinkles and my skin began to crack. It cleared my acne up tremendously...I almost didn't have acne anymore, but my face was really affected (red like sunburn along with the cracking). I'm using 2.5% BP and that seems to be helping some. This is about all that works for me...and I hate it. I wish something could help fix my acne that DOESN'T dry my skin.
Hey, I have this problem.
Ill go to this site, thank you very much!
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