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avi to rmvb on Realproducer 10 Plus

I was converting my home videos (birthday parties etc.) from XviD to rmvb Using Realproducer 10 Plus, But could not do so, the app makes a small file of size in a few bytes as the final encoded file. When, However I convert the XviDs to MPEG I or II Using TMPGENC and then convert it to rmvb, it converts, but Is there any way to convert it straight from xvid to rmvb, thus saving an hour and a half, and the loss in quality resulting from one extra encode. One thing I thought of which would save the loss in quality but not time would be to convert it to raw video+PCM stream using virtualdub, but that takes about a GB of space per minute of video, so ...

Also, when I make an rmvb using an MPEG stream, The audio goes out of sync when I click on the progress bar in realplayer to move forward, there are no problems when I play from beginning to end though.
Hey me too encountered the same problems!! I tried Easy Real Converter and it works for avi to rmvb! but encoding a DVD into Real video is not working. So try Easy Real Converter.

Anybody help me out on DVD to real conversion..
DVD to rmvb will work with Realproducer Pro 10, Since the video/audio is encoded in an MPEG stream (MPEG II to be more precise), just select the vob files and will convert.

avi on the other hand can be any of the hundreds of codecs, hence the problem.
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