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How to config domain setting in DirectAdmin

I would like to use a domain with my frihost account. I'm using directAdmin. However, it seems that everything is being set on DirectAdmin, no modification can be done there. Does it mean I don't need to configure anything at DSN Menu in DirectAdmin? Everything is fixed?

Or I don't have the permission to use a domain with my frihost account?

By the way, I am using DSN from
Im not use domain. but Im sure you can do that.
DA --> advanced tool --> Domain administration or Domain pointers
Please read the stickeys in the future. Questions regarding domains are answered in the 'Common Questions About Our Hosting' topic at

Basically, you need to add the domain as a 'domain pointer'. Also, you need to set the DNS entries ( and

Also, make sure your domains support DNS. The newer ones don't, and only older domain allow the DNS to be set. If yours can't, you can get a free .be domain for 1 year at

P.S It's DNS not DSN. A DSN is completely different.
Before posting my message, I have already read the post that you mentioned. However, I can't find any solution there. That's why I'm posting here.

What I found out is DNS setting is different from the .com, .net DNS setting. I'm sure that my support DNS. I never use it for DNS, before this i used for url redirection.

Anyway, I have done what "I think" it should be correct about DNS setting. Just wanna make sure about it.
1) I have added the domain as domain pointer (Alias)
* I don't know what alias is, but it is tick as default so I follow it.

2) Then I fill in the Main server IP address which is

That's all. I don't know about "you need to set the DNS entries ( and". Where should I set it? DirectAdmin?

Thank you.

P.S . What I mean is DNS, not DSN. It definitely is a typing error. Sorry about that.
You set the DNS at the website.

Login, and click on your domain. Click the 'Change domain settings' button. This will allow you to choose SiteBuilder, Web Forwarding, Dynamic Web Forwarding, Custom HTML or DNS. Choose the 'DNS' option. Next, type in Frihost's DNS servers. See my screenshot to see where you should type it in.

NOTE: I use an external DNS service. You should type in frihost's DNS servers instead. Use '' and ''
Ok, thanks Very Happy .....I know what's wrong. I'm confused about the "Record Type". I don't know which one I should use. Now I will wait for 24 hours for the domain to be active.

Thanks a lot Very Happy
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