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About the Proxy server

hi everyone

I want to use a proxy server in my computer for internet. I m using a dail-up connection of 115kbps. i got 10 computers in my LAN. So any who knows any thing regarding this plz help me out. also suggest , which proxy server software should i use for better perfomance. my aim is to alocate bandwidth to each client comp. so the my speed on each comp were optimized
No idea what your talking about but go here, it may help:
Why you want to use a proxy server for start?
You can use default Internet Sharing in windows and use a bandwidth manager to limit the download rate per pc. I'd really suggest this.Normally proxy server are used for acceleration (because of the cache on server). But with just 10 pcs I really don't see an advantage.With proxy server you will have to configure every application on client pcs like Yahoo messanger, Internet explorer, outlook, msn, well evrything that you want to connect to internet

But if you do decide to use proxy server, you must understand every file you open in client pc will be stored in your server pc. So you have 10times more chances of getting virus in your server PC.You can try following servers

WINPROXY - This is the one of the best proxy server from secuity point of view, I've personally used it. But in your case (small network) its really won't fit.

CCPROXY : This is most likely to suit your needs, it shows status of who's opening what sites and you can limit speed/pc and block various file extensions. It takes less resources as compared to other proxy servers.

WINGATE : This is best proxy server in my opinion simply because it offers NAT. Gives you many many options to work with.

Make sure you check the system requirement before downloading them.But again i won't suggest a proxy server. Do you have a cafe or something? If you can give more details about your needs and your System configuration ,OS installed I might be able to suggest a good solution for you.
thank sunny, ur information is good enough to slove my problem
shishir_bit wrote:
alocate bandwidth to each client comp.

115kbps is a bit slow for sharing an internet connection over a LAN of 10 pc's. i'd suggest getting at least a 256/64kbps minimum (512/128 is good) before thinking about a proxy and whatnot.

if u have a suitable router, enable QoS to configure bandwith allowances and priority e.g. streaming video/audio has top priority; ftp, web and pop3 hav priority over P2P etc.
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