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i was just wonderin that if you start a competition of the best site...all user will put their site links here and then the public will judge which 1 is the best. and the best 3..u can put their links on the frihost example site box on the index page??????

So wat do u think????
That's a good idea, although I know thay my site definately won't win! Embarassed
My site will.

I thought we had one of these..last time.

But it's good to have it again Wink
so bondings are gonna do it?
Interesting idea! I will be submitting my site for sure if this contest takes place. I think an amount of time should be given for the users to submit their sites(say two weeks maybe). Then the submissions should be closed and votings should start. There should be three winners. Each site which wins should be given an award like a small award banner or something which says "Best site acc. to frihost" or something which the user can place on his page(if he wants to that is)... Sites should be judged for both design and contents.

noobs, if bondings doesnt agree, why dont you try convincing him for this? I will be looking forward for such a contest Smile
I first thought of making such a contest every month or every two months.

I will try to make a new contest next week.
YAY!!!!!!! Very Happy Razz

i better get mt site ready!!!
Only one problem. What will it be?
Simply 'Best Site' is alright but creates some problems. How do you judge which is the best site when they all offer different things?
Categories like "Most Original Site", "Best Newbie Site" and "Best Worst Site" could be used. Especially the last one...
We don't want to discriminate (however you spell it Smile) others site Wink
well it can be this way,

you see first there can be a contest for:
1) best layout
2) best content
3) best services
4) most hits ( average of hits per day as some sites are old)

we will select 2 in each category, they will move on to the final.. we will have 6-8 of them. and then the best ones will be chosen, 3 or 4.

somthing like this
Why not something as a sitebattle, let's give me an example:

A simple scripts get's like about 16 random users/sites. No more than 16 users will be in the game, which let you have an overview on the whole thing.

  • First round = public involvement:
    Via a simple form, people will be able to choose their 3 favorites. (most favorite gets 3 points, second 2 and last 1). The 8 sites with most points go to the second round.
  • Second round = The Layout Judges:
    Some users that are wellknown for their graphical skills, judge the site for it's layout (the way they use images, colors,...). For sites continue to the third round
  • Third round = The Technical Judges:
    Some users that are wellknown for their technical web-knowledge (on php, xhtml, java(script), css,...), judge the sites for their technical background. Does the site meet international standards (valid xhtml, css?). Did the webmaster wrote all the scripts on his own? Does he use a premade cms?...
    Two sites are chosen, which will battke eachother in the final round.
  • Final round = public involvement:
    Everyone get's a new chance to vote again on their favorite remaining sites. The sites with most votes is the winner...

Notes to myself (and others):
  • Users might be able to subscribe on a list of possible competition-sites. The random-script will only choose from that list, to avoid unwanted attention to sites (You never know, people might get angry when their site is halfly finished and already in the middle of a contest)
  • Good protection against cheating in the First and Final Round.
  • Competition would run over about 3 weeks. So 1 competion can be held each month. Timeline for each round: 1 week; 3,5 days; 3,5days; 1 week. The remaing week in that month is used to set up next-month tournament

Well, this how I would see such a battle. A well organised game, which sould be pretty fair.

@Bondings: I hope you might do something with it Smile
SunburnedCactus wrote:
Categories like "Most Original Site", "Best Newbie Site" and "Best Worst Site" could be used. Especially the last one...

I agree with you. I think I will participate in the best worst site since mine is still under development but nice still.

Where did you say the competition is again?

I'm sure I'll win this one.

Do you have to be a frihoster in this on or can you just send links?? Evil or Very Mad
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