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scary movies

okay, i just want to know if there's anyone out there that's like me and for sum reason laughs at scary movies. well, is there? i mean, most scary movies arent really scary at all... they become a lil too predictable. so far, the only good movie i saw was "saw" and "saw 2". totally the only movies out their that were worth calling pretty thriller... maybe because it's more of a real life situation. movies like "the ring" or "the grudge" i just sit calmly and laughed at it. sumptin about sum lil girl cover with blood making weird noises chasing me doesnt really scare me at all. in a real life situation i'd probably drop kick her or sumptin. so just wondering... is there anyone out there who probably thinks the same way? and wut would u do if sum noisy grudge lady came crawling to you? haha, gimme some serious answers
I usually watch horror films because they are pretty funny, intentionally or not. I mean, who can take a zombie film seriously? I certainly can't!
scary movie isn't good choice for those who has a problem of sleeping at night. like me Smile.
well some scary movies are scary i must say

But the ring was absolute pants!! But if a wee girl crawled outve my tv i would more than likely scream and prance away like a little girl. Thats why my tv in encased in a class orb
omg.. if one pops out of mine, i would grab anythign i can find that's usable to kill and start beating the crap out of the ring girl.
I admit, I usually do laugh at them as well. Sometimes one will make me jump, but unlike my wife, I never need to sleep with a light on or stuff like that after watching one.
I ALWAYS laugh at them. I think it is because I know that it isn't real, so it eliminates the scare factor.
I think scary movies are absolutely halarious. Of course, I also laugh at all of those movies where people get killed and it's supposed to be tragic and stuff. I laughed at The Patriot and everyone in the theatre stared at me. Twisted Evil
I dont like scary moives, but indeed, I laughed while I watching "the ring"... that's ridiculous....
Man I'm always laughing at them Smile

It has been a very very long time since I have been scared by a movie. I watched Bogey Man recently, mainly because it said "the scariest movie ever" on the font of the DVD, and I was laughing pretty much the whole way through the movie. It was utter crap and defiantly not scary at all.

I think that movies are leaning more toward the "frights" (something suddenly happening) but as the movie goes on the "frights" become predictable and ends up killing the movie Sad
Yeah the ring was a complete joke. However my ex-girlfriend still gets creeped out when hearing the gagging noise. Other then the saw movies, I have a couple other suggestions for good thrillers. "Texas Chainsaw" Massacre and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." The only scary movies that bother me are the ones where the victims couldn't have done much to stop their death.
I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies. They're thrilling and fun while I'm watching them. But those late nights filled with vivid images of the chick from the Grudge crawling up from beneath my sheets... yeah those are kind of downers.
I love scary movies, and I do always end up laughing at them. Well... except The Grudge, which I pretty much slept through.
I laugh at bad scary movies all the time, like The Ring, The grudge, not to mention, "The Blair witch project", that was hillarious!

Best scary movie you've seen? Mine is Hitchcock's Psycho.
i love scary movies, they always make me laugh like sacry movie 1, 2 and 3 Laughing Laughing Laughing Mr. Green
I laugh at most scary movies as well, lets face it most aren't really scary apart from suspense type films. The best couple of scary films I've seen in my opinion are "28 days later" and "28 weeks later", maybe because they're British and set in the UK I can identify a little more with it and allow myself to be sucked in a bit more. Maybe it's just the low budget nature of the British film industry that relies on a stronger plot and acting instead of expensive effects, I don't know but they're both worth a watch!

...Ooh, Saw2 is on TV here in half an hour, never seen it so I think I'll have a look Smile
I love horror movies, not sure why though coz they dont scare me

Just love them

You're right tho, of the newer movies, Saw is probably the only one that might border on "scary", excellent movie

Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the older movies does it for me, very intense
I generaly don't like horror movies, they're not scary at all and gross (like SAW series), but it happened to me to laugh at a movie because it was intentionally or not intenaolly funny.
Well If you have trouble laughing at Scary movies ...

You should really watch Scary Movie I- IV.

After that, You 'll find yourself hard to be scared at any thing a scary movie trows at you :p
Yea, I find scary movies sometimes funny because they always do the wrong or least safest thing. Like how is a gun going to keep a ghost from haunting you? or the bible will keep you from getting robbed?. It's also funny that they always try the first thing they can think of last as a way to solve the problem. I bet most of you have no clue what I am talking about.
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