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Con Air

Anyone seen Con Air? Nicholas Cage stars. Great movie! A load of convicts escape in the plane that was transporting them to a high security prison, and the protagonist tries to bring the plane back to order to see his daughter he hadn't met since she was born. Tell me your thoughts if you've seen it?
I like this movie too! Smile
Great movie, great actors!
Nicholas Cage rocks!

My favourite character is the weirdo played by Steve Buscemi. That is one guy that you could really believe to be absolutely nuts.
yeah, great movie. My favourite line is when Cage is in the luggage compartment of the plane and slows says to the other guy: "Put the bunny back in the box". And then after he kills the guy he's like: "Why couldn't you just put the bunny back in the box". To me, that sums up the whole movie!
Are you from Belgium? They showed that movie on television not too long ago, and i watched it too. It's a great movie indeed, and there was a lot of humor in it
im using dead peaple for communikation too (throw out of plane) Razz

hmm the movie is good... but i think its not that good.. a bit flat., maybe Smile
Nicholas Cage and John Cusack worked well together. John Malcovich played pure evil brilliantly as usual. The action, adventure intertwined with some great comedic moments ( my favourite is when the car used by the Cusack character but owned by the character Colm Menaey plays gets crushed).
Not a bad movie, nothin too great but enjoyable and therefore watchable, and ofcourse never forget that Steve OWNS.
I totally agree with Sappho.
And Nicholas Cage is a verry good actor.
Face-off, Gone in sixty seconds, snake eyes, Matchstick man, all these movies are really good and Nicholas is tha man.
Nicholas Cage is a verry good actor and I love face off
It was an amazing movie...i saw it like 3-4 years ago, though i cannot remember what happens exactly I can still remember that it was a good movie. I think i'm gonna watch it again now...just becuz of this post
I indeed great movie, I saw it before, but last week it was here on TV as well (México). Some kind of Nicolas Cage theme. Great actor, cannot name any movie in which he played that sucked actually.

Hopefully we will see him soon again.
For me Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi and John Malkovich stole the limelight.
The movie is allright on a saturday night if there´s nothing to do but it´s far from great and the story is crap...

...And a very typical hollywood ending
I like nick cage fine but that movie really is not what it could have been with all those great actors in it
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