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The Concerts I've been to

I'm sure over the years, some of you have been to a few concerts. ME, i try to go at any chance I can. Here's my small but informative list:

Evanescence (With Three days Grace, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin)
Velvet Revolver (With Three days Grace)
Sum 41 (With some bands I cant remember..from Toronto)

and the rest...

Avril Lavigne (With Gob and Swollen Members) <-- I was like 13
Backstreet Boys (With someone else..dunno who) <--COME ON! I was like 6!
Hilary Duff <--yeah.. i had to bring my sister to it.
Britney Spears <--Back when she had one album and wasnt a slut.

Im sure I went to others, I just cant remember them all..XD

Concerts I want to/hoping to attend:

Warped Tour

And I also wanted to go to Taste of Chaos because of My Chemical Romance *drool*

I also missed Billy Talent, because I was grounded. But my friends got me some autographs....and the bassist left me a nice message saying: "haha, you're grounded, too bad, from John" I was like: O_O WOOT!
I tend to stick near the more metal shows.... But I think hands down the best concert i've ever been to was a Lamb of God show. Holy crap that was awesome. Killswitch Engage USED to have some good shows... But they changed a lot of the band members or something, and released a bad cd.....No good. Funny enough, GWAR actually put on quite a fun show. Although they're known for it. The music wasnt that great, but anytime band members put on gigantic costumes and fight with 8 foot swords on stage.....You know you're having a good time. That sucks about the Billy Talent show! I had the chance to see them as well wih MXPX, and i got there a little late and only heard BT's last song. Needless to say I won't be late again. :-) I'm going to see The Haunted in a few weeks, it should be a sweet sweet show.
Every gig was in Holland Wink

-Werfpop, Leiden
-Querelle, Alphen a/d Rijn
-Tripodia, Katwijk
-Querelle, Alphen a/d Rijn
-Paradiso, Amsterdam
-Fascinus, Sassenheim
-InCasa, Leiden
-Beestemarkt, Leiden
-Rijnplein, Alphen a/d Rijn
-Plato, Leiden
-Solution, Hillegom
-De Hut Van Ome Henne, Leiden

Van Katoen
-Parkpop, Den Haag
-Paradiso, Amsterdam

-Solution, Hillegom
-De Hut Van Ome Henne, Leiden

-Rijnplein, Alphen a/d Rijn

Dreadlock Pussy
-Tripodia, Katwijk

40 Stone
-Parkpop, Den Haag

Within Temptation
-Parkpop, Den Haag
Wow that's a lot of time spent on concerts , I'd like and Macedonia to be like Holland too so i can go to lot of concerts Smile . The last concert in Macedonia was from DJ Tiesto and i was there and the next one is going to be by DJ Roger Sanchez , the set and the overall interior don't have match to other countries but that is that , the organizers are very greedy people .
Well, I went to lynyrd skynyrd for free last year for free here in minnesota. It was pretty cool, because ever thouhg it was a free concert, we still got pretty good spots. They were by the garbage cans, but they were really close, so I don't care.
The other on is Hawthorne Heights.
I'm not really a big fan, but some of my friends were going and it was cheap at the quest so I went. They're actually pretty good live.
Recently I've been at Sigur Ros concert. It was really magic and beautiful, I think everybody who likes Sigur Ros must go to a concert.
I have only gone to a few large concerts and so are the following,

Buena vista social club - It always gets me in a good mood to see 90 year old blokes get up and start to dance!

Kraftwerk - Awesome concert!

The White Stripes - Beutifull!
the strokes, ben kweller, french kicks, bright eyes, cat power. violent femmes, matisyahu, air, sigur ros (greatest performance i have ever seen), yeah yeah yeahs, the white stripes, lyrics born, cut chemist, tool
depeche mode, scissor sisters, my morning jacket, daft punk, ladytron, madonna, the juan maclean, deerhoof, massive attack, sleater-kinney, ima robot (haha), and probably some more that I have forgotten.
these lists make me laugh, if i wrote a list of all the bands i've ever seen it would be a cazy length and ive only been goin to gigs for 3 years!
Right now, the only gig I've been to is RHCP in London, but I'll be seeing Muse in november.
I haven't been to a lot of metal gigs (not interested in other sorts of music gigs haha), but I will in the future.

My first concert was from Primal Fear & Helloween as main act in December 2005, which was really cool. Then in February 2006 I went to see Children of Bodom with a bunch of support acts, which was a lot more 'violent' haha. Then I went to graspop metal meeting 2006 in juli, where I saw a lot of bands I love (Ensiferum being the highlight, I also saw Helloween again... and Dragonforce, In Flames and Arch Enemy).

In october I'm probably going to the Unholy Alliance, for Children of Bodom and In Flames - I don't care for Slayer haha.
Haven't been to too many shows. :\ The last one was back in '98 I think, where Metallica played at Globen in Stockholm, Sweden. Think Monstermagnet played as well... Don't remember much of the actual show, my friends and I were pretty pissed, but we had a good time. Very Happy

So many bands that I'd want to see.. So little time... Or cash.. Sad
I've been going to concerts since the Mid 70's, so I can't list every single one I've been to (since I don't remember them all - and the list would be way too long and boring for most of you!!), so I'll list some of the highlights and lowlights.

1. Alice Cooper (many times) - puts on the best show, and I always get good seats.
2. John Cougar Mellancamp (many times) - really rocks the house, and went to his New Year's Eve Concert on Dec 31, 1999 - what a show!!
3. Neil Diamond (many times) - his concerts are more laid back, but he knows how to please the audience.
4. Beach Boys - this concert it rained so hard about half way through, that they cancelled the rest of the show - but it was still pretty good.
5. Hootie and the Blowfish - once was too much, as this was the WORST concert I've ever been to, and won't see them again - EVER.
6. Olivia Newton-John - Don't laugh. She was my first concert, and I've loved her ever since. See her everytime she is close to Indianapolis, Indiana.
7. Michael Bolton - couple of times (Wife loves him!) - he puts on a good show.
8. Billy Joel/Elton John - sound system was terrible, and the concert lacked a lot of good songs.
9. Bruce Springsteen - sound system was terrible, and I don't think this one was worth it, but he puts on a very dynamite show.
10. Rolling Stones - It has been a while since I've seen them, since their prices have gone way up, but they do rock the concert hall!!
Welll I've only been to 2 so far.

Taking Back Sunday with Angels and Airwaves

Vans Warped Tour 2006
The last one:
Sick of it all, at Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Damn, SOIA rules!
I've been to The Barenaked Ladies concert in 2001, Green Day in 2005, a summer festival around here that had Billy talent and Simple plan (it was real cheap) Warped tour 2005, My Chemical romance 2005. Love My Chem!
IceCameron wrote:
Kraftwerk - Awesome concert!
The last concert I've been to was Bela Fleck and the Flectones ( and it was awesome. Amazing! Four great musicians playing music that I could be listening for hours. The plays 150 minutes and it went by soooo fast!!!
saw plan b the other night, he was a different class if you havent checked him out already please do

hes like hip hop indie grime mix

he plays accoustic and raps over the top, its brillant.

i've also seen iForward Russia! and the automatic over the past few weeks - both were extreml;y good enterainers and really got the crowd going.
The only "REAL" show that I saw is GODSMACK!!! It was the first of their new tour at quebec city... They rocked the place!
I wanna goto a concert. I suspect it's awesome!

Closest i've been is down the local sportman pub watching local band playing gig's ... but then i get too drunk to care lol.
But... as some people may have seen, i hope to be playing gig's one day .. Then concerts. .ect ! Very Happy

I have been to too many to list. But I actually like going out to check out local scene. I saw Kiss, Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat long before they were stars. Yes, Kiss even did makeup then.
Too many to list...Some of the better ones were:

Rolling Stones (x3)
Pink Floyd (x2)
The Who
Jefferson Airplane
J Geils Band
Frank Zappa
Grateful Dead
Blue Oyster Cult
John Melencamp
Hot Tuna
The Ramones
Primus (First concert evar)
Dj Krush
Backstreet Boys (Coz of ex-girl)
Cannibal Corpse
In Flames
Damage Plan (just a few months before Dimebag Darell got shot Sad )
I went to an In Flames (w/Trivium, and some other bands) concert as well as a Children Of Bodom one this year. Both of which took place in the Kool Haus of downtown Toronto. A couple of bands I hope to see in the near future include Opeth and Epica Twisted Evil.
I have never went to a concert.... BAH


Any suggestions to any good ones that might be coming my way sometime soon?

I live in KY, USA
I've only been to three concerts but the only one that is worth to mention is Ruoska's gigs that I've seen a couple of times. Ruoska is a Finnish industrial metal band. They are THE best live. Going to see them again next month.
Humm...I've been to quite a few local concerts and stuff, those are always fun. As far as big concerts...ive seen:

-Taking Back Sunday/Angels and Airwaves
-Green Day/ My Chemical Romance
-Linking Park/Hoobastank
Ive been to many concerts but here are the ones I can remember.

Judas Priest- I love judas priest and I love their music but when I went to the concert, I came out with a headache. The lead vocal was screaming into a microphone which was connected to like a hundred speakers so my brain was hurtin.

Backstreet Boys- Boy this was pretty fun. I mean it was amazing. The music was great. The exitement in the croud was kinda depressing but yea it was awesome.

Beatles Mania- This was really awesome cz it was an out door concert. I went to see it with my two cousins and it was a blast. The musicians were very entertaining and they had many acts. The whole thing was a blast. Besides it was a free concert.
22 june i went to robbie williams in the amsterdam arena. the concert was overwhelming. but the bands before he came on stage were also very great: ORSON (hadn't heard from him before) is very good, but better live then i heard him on cd later. i can't wait untill he releases a live-cd. and after him came bassement jaxx. also nice Smile.
I've been too:

- Busted (Dec 2004)
-Mcfly (Sep 2005)

and yes they were both awesome!
I'm suspecting now that i'm gonna get lots of hate messages for liking these bands now Rolling Eyes
The concerts i've been to are

GM Place, Vancouver

and Trooper, another band from vancouver just last month!
This year i've only been to see 2 big bands. Sonic Youth and the Misfits. I cant believe these bands are still around. Great to see live, both of them.

i touched jerry only!
Smashing pumpkins
Juliana Hatfield
I've been to a lot, but here are some of my favorites:

Kamelot (definitely the best concert I've ever seen/heard)
Opeth (I've seen them 4 times and met them twice)
Porcupine Tree
King Diamond (I don't like his music so much anymore, but he put on an amazing show)

I'll also be seeing Katatonia in November and Spock's Beard in April.
The Mitchell
Sigur Ros 3 times
Hundred Reasons twice
A silver Mt Zion twice
Oceansize 8 times
Amplifier twice by friday
tool for the first time on the 30th
bad manners
EITS and Four tet
incubus twice
feeder 4 times
mogwai twice
clutch twice
nine inch nails twice in 2 days
pitchshifter twice
65daysofstatic 3 times
that ****** tank twice
kong twice
biffy clyro 3 times
2many DJs about 3 bzillion times
mr scruff twice
a perfect circle
man i could go for days
id say one gig every 3 weeks for the last 6 years nearly not including unsigned bands
16/1/04 - Big Day Out

Featured Bands:
METALLICA, Fear Factory, Jet, Black Eyed Peas, Basement Jaxx + Others.


MEGADETH + Dungeon = Amazing set by both bands, great energy!


ANTHRAX (Original Lineup) + Mortal Sin = Awesome encores by Anthrax, Mortal Sin went off!!


ILL NINO + Static-x = Not a bad night. Ill Nino was great live, they sound so much better live than on cd. Static-x were good.


OPETH + The Eternal = Not a very good mix with Opeth, was a bit of a let down, great energy nonetheless.


DRAGONFORCE + Black Majesty = My god DragonForce are awesome live, best concert of the year by FAR. They were so intense!! The mosh pit went off! Missed the opening band, was too busy getting drunk.


KREATOR + Mindsnare = Kreator = major PWNAGE. My god they go hard live! Great concert!!


LORD + Black Asylum = Not a very big turnout for LORD. Lord Tim was amazing as always. Playing quite a few Dungeon songs in their set Very Happy
Hi there,

Let me see... it's a couple of years ago since last concert, and there as been a lot within' the years, and I might has forgot some and not sure about the years, but here we go:

Roskilde Festival 1984 and 1985
Nina Hagen 1985
Metallica (Ride the Lightning tour) and Tank.
Destruction and Artillery
Iron Maiden (Powerslave tour) and Motley Crue (Shout of the Devil tour)
2 x King Diamond (Abigail tour)
Ozzy Osbourne
Saxon and Pretty Maids
Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child and Withering Surface
3G (Joe Satriani, Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth)
2 x Gary More

I it should be them all


^^ >> Not quite "Concerts"...I saw InMe & SugarComa in a pub in Essex, UK, and BBMak came to my high school before I sat my exams.

Linkin Park
Lost Prophets
Finger 11
Apartment 26

^^>> All in Manchester, 2003 within a 3 week period of eachother.
Upcoming gigs, that I will be attending.

So far:

TESTAMENT - February 8th

PAUL STANLEY - April 14th

SLAYER - April 17th

LAMB OF GOD - April 29th
I've only ever been to two concerts... One was back when I was about 10 or 11 and had much more questionable taste in music... I'll be honest, my aunt took me to a Spice Girls concert. Laughing

The second was back in about 2001 or 2002, when I saw Sarah Brightman's La Luna concert. It was amazing! Her voice is just as gorgeous live as it is on the recordings. I just wish I hadn't missed her Harem tour.
really the only big concerts i've gone to are:

6.24.06 Tweeter Center (Mansfield MA): Taking Back Sunday, Angels and Airwaves, The Subways [Head Automatica was supposed to play but canceled]
11.19.06 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Providence RI):Angels and Airwaves, The Sounds, Envy on the Coast [+Backstage passes Very Happy]

Future Events:

4.06.07 Tsongas Arena (Lowell MA): Taking Back Sunday, underOATH, Armor for Sleep
5.31.07 (+44), Hellogoodbye, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., Paul Wall, Fall Out Boy
8.09.07 ????: Warped Tour 07; Headliners Paramore, Cute is What We Aim For, and many more

and numerous indie shows
I was at a Deftones concert last Saturday.
Before that, I went to Madball concert, last year in Brazil.
I went to see Deep Purple to Salamanca (Spain) last summer...

...the other are little bands almost nobody knows Mr. Green
Dr Carruthers
Let's see...

Maximo Park with Art Brut
Brainstorm (not the german metal band)
Toy Dolls (twice)
Green Day
Franz Ferdiand (twice)
Scissor Sisters
Quimby (twice)
The (international) Noise Conspiracy
Sons and Daughters
Afro-celt Soundsystem
and some more... Mostly festival concerts.
I usually go to a couple a month but some of the more memorable:

Feeder (Reading Festival, the summer after Jon Lee's death) - Also 6 or so other times...
The Flaming Lips
The Cooper Temple Clause (they only play fairly small venues so sound VERY loud)
Iron Maiden (a couple of months ago)
AFI (only went because it was free, but were very good)
Brand New (Couple of weeks back... Excellent)
The Saw Doctors (The greatest pub band that ever made it big! Always good value live)
Foo Fighters

Seeing Nine Inch Nails next weekend and then that's it for me until Idlewild and The Cooper Temple Clause in March.
i think nobody knows these bands and singers just may be Russian can understand me.. so I've been on concerts of Zemfira, ChAIF, Mumiy Troll (Russian Rock), Vopli Vidoplyasova(from Ukraine) and a lot of pop singers from Russia. Also I've been on concert of Gold Rush (from UK).
But my dream is to visit concert of Dolores O'Riordan (ex-Cranberries)
I've been to lots...whoever mentioned GWAR on the last page is right, they're shows are fricking sweet, i'm hoping to get back to Sounds fo the Underground this year so I can see them again. The next concert I have coming up is Lacuna Coil on May 25th...the day after my birthday Smile
Heh, my list of concerts that I've been to spans from a couple of months ago 'til maybe sometime during the late 90's..

Pearl Jam (at Sjöhistoriska in Stockholm, my greatest concert memory to date!)
blink-182 (Fryshuset in Stockholm)
David Gray (Globen, Stockholm)
Millencollin (Fryshuset Stockholm, their first concert in Sweden in a bunch of years.
REM and the Thrills (Globen, Stockholm)
David Gray (Again, Globen, Stockholm, can't remember the name of the two latino-american guitarrists that opened)
Final Fantasy (Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

I've also seen Lars Winnerbäck three times, at different venues, the last time with Christian Kjellvander opening, the two previous times Elin Sigvardsson and Anna Ternheim respectively.

On the first of may I'm seeing Bloc Party at Circus (Stockholm) and then I'm hopefully joining a group of friends visiting the Roskilde Festival this summer..! Cool Sweet!
The Mitchell
a few more to add to my list
Mary Ann Hobbs Presents The Warrior Dubz - The Point, Cardiff
Free Noise - Free Jazz and Noise Gig - The Point, Cardiff
65 Daysofstatic yet again - The Point Cardiff
and Isis next week at guess where- the point Cardiff w00
Living End/Bodyjar/Eskimo Joe
Frenzal Rhomb
Weezer/Biffy Clyro
Blink 182
Green Day/Simple plan

Bands I shoulda seen when I had the chance: Tool, Sigur Ros and Radiohead
I'm living in Bulgaria now, and it doesn't seem to be a popular destination for most bands.
My first concert was one of the band Böhse Onkelz. It was in Summer 2003 in Vienna.

Last year i was at the Nova Rock festival in my homecountry Austria. There I have seen all this bands:
- Metallica
- Guns'n Roses
- Motörhead
- Queens of a stoneage
- Bullet for my Valentine
- Opeth
- Subway to Sally
- Stone Sour

Yeah, that have been great three Days =)

This year i will see Metallica live again, i hope with more new songs and such a great show like last year. They will perform in Vienna together with Bullet for my Valentine and another Band where the Vocalist is Dio.

Then I have been on an act of Amon Amarth last September and I was at the Unholy Allience in Munich. there played In Flames, Slayer, Children of Bodom and Thine Eyes Bleed, which was the money worth too.
Dr Carruthers
Dr Carruthers wrote:
Let's see...

Maximo Park with Art Brut
Brainstorm (not the german metal band)
Toy Dolls (twice)
Green Day
Franz Ferdiand (twice)
Scissor Sisters
Quimby (twice)
The (international) Noise Conspiracy
Sons and Daughters
Afro-celt Soundsystem
and some more... Mostly festival concerts.

Add Husky Rescue, an amazing finnish band to that list. And post-rockers 65daysofstatic.
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