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Age Games ;)

I play Age Of Empires 2; The Age of Kings, and Age of Conquerers, they r really boring offline but im addicted to them online, specially dm games, as i have dial up connection i cant play other games which need more bandwidth like coutner strike and american army, but i think aok really gave as much pleasure as those game wud have given, but really no money tournament plus microsoft ignorance over this game really sucks! there are cheats out, but still cuz of the luv of the game ppl still play aok beside da fact there r hacks out, well aok is almost dying after 6 yearsa of devote gamers who did so much by themselves to keep it alive, u can see recorded games of aok, well im waiting for aoe3,

i like stratedgy games more , but not too long, as aok deathmatch is , its fast yet stratedgic game. i wana start new game with my laggy dial up, any good suggestions?

if u guys ok play any online game tell a bit abt it, give some good suggestions! n how is da game, give link of any clan u were in too.
im no hardcore gamer but i enjoy online multiplayer games once in a while. mostly a counter-strike player but also play otheres, havent been in a clan and dont plan to. i have a life. no offence to the hardcore gamers Wink hehe
I play AoE2 online every once in a while. It's a fun game online really.
Masochistic Tendencies
Some how I've never even heard of them... Shocked
are you like play cs, i think it's best game.
i like it very much.
I used to play AoM with a buddy in a LAN but now I'm stuck with Rise of Nations
I got the Age of Empires 3 Demo

then got the full version, it's okay :]

Although I still play AoE2 Online , that was a good game, and then Star Wars: Galactic Battleground, it was a AoE2 clone, only star wars. that was fun too. Very Happy
I used to play age of empires 2 but then it kinda got boring and better games started coming and and stuff so now i only play it like once in a while, i still think its the best strategy game out there for me....even tho i mostly play first person shooter games which are quick and fun.
I played Age of Empires II offline for the longest time. It's great fun, even if it's not hte most technically sound of the RTS games. Just having a huge mass of knights and archers rush an outlying enemy gold settlement is a lot of fun.
I think I never played an AGE game. But I'm not sure, it could be possible that I tried Age of Empires (1), but not really played it. Can'T remember exactly.
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