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What was the saddest moment u encountered with your pet?

Mine was having to see my dong being gin to someone else.

Venus, that's the name of my dog. she was given away to my dad's friend cause my whole family will be migrating. My dad and mom would be going to nigeria for 4 years cause my dad accepted a job there. My younger brother will be placed in a boarding school in england and I'll be here.

She was a mixed breed dog, but don't ask me which breed with which, i don't know, cause she was given to us b a friend of my mom. She was 3 months old when we took her. She was those puppy with cute eyes and short legs. I still remember the first day we brought her back to our home. She would run around the house and sleep beside the couch under a table, just so she could keep herself warm.
Then the time came when she first tried to bark. Her barking was soft then, and I would laugh everytime i hear her trying so hard to bark like any other dog. Then CNY came, we had to bring her back to our hometown with us cause she was still too young to be looking after herself. She'd run around the house and all my cousins would play with her.

As time goes by, she grew bigger, to the size of a regular small dog, 2 times the size of a chihuahua. Her barking was loud. She's bark at any stranger the walked across our house. And everytime when i came back from school, she would run to me and jumped on me. Sometimes she would unintentionally scratched my leg, but I didn't blame her for that, after all, she's just being nice.

Few days before i left M'sia, I'd talk to her everynight, holding her so tight and telling her how much I'll be missing her after i left. I cried everytime when I did that. She was just so special to me.
But yesterday, my brother messaged me and told me that my dad was going to give her to his friend, I was so shocked so i immediately sms'ed my dad to reconsid giving her away after i see her for one last time. But just 10 minutes ago, my brother told me that she was gone. I broke down instantly, and am still while typing this post.

I really miss her....
When I young my kitten got run over, that was a sad time, but also taught you about death and is a good lesson in life that we all die one day.
Good job letting that all out seanooi, did it help your feelings to get that all out of your mind and tell it to someone? I hope you feel better.

My dog is still alive, and she is very cute!

yeah, i feel better after spliiling everything out. Keeping things bottled up isn't a good thing.
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This is a rather interesting topic but anyways...

The saddest moment I encountered was when my dog was put to sleep Sad. I did get a new dog, but I won't forget the old one.
the sadest thing, was when an ****** killed my cat, i was SOOO angry, and he (''they'' cuz where 2 kids) said: ''we were just playing''.. damn Mad
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my dog was kidnappd from my hands!
i walk with her in the park, and they took her!
Crying or Very sad
but now i got a new dog, a purebred Labrdor, female..
her name is Boni...
The sadest moment I've had with a pet was when me and a buddy took the dog(zico) for a walk in the forest.. we walked far into the forest and realesed him.. he ran around and had a good time.. the he saw something and ran out
of the forest.. the next thing we knew was that he had been ran over by a truck... Crying or Very sad
when my cat had to bad kidney problems to survive his illness Sad
we had to get her out of here pain ....(no we didnt kill her with rock or something) the vet gave her a medicine in her food then it was over Sad
it seems everyone has had a sad moment with their pets..... but thank god it happens only once... at least for me..
the only time i felt sad was when my dog died of tumor. it was a mongral which i picked up from the road, but pretty intelligent. it could track, was somewhat obedient, very loving and very loyal.
but i cant think of any other instance when i was sad about my pet...
cant think what people would have done without their friendship..
they are the only ones who really care... atleast without any other motive or without a reason...
even if you have a best friend they would see something in you which attracts them to you, but a dog just loves you because thats the only thing it knows.
Mine must have been when i was about 5-6 i have a little pussy cat called Garfield one night he got out the house don't know how and he ran away never seen again Crying or Very sad but now im 18 i got a Dog some fish and a Pink male canary <- Don't Ask lol
That me pet got sick and died.
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