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Mouse problems with Dell

Guys i have a Dell Latitude I got it a couple of days back

here is the description of the problem

When i try typing something in the textboxes or so...after few moments suddenly the the focus changes and my crosswires go someother place
it too frustrating since when u start typing at a place u expect that to continue but after few seconds the focus shifts to some other place...i don't know what to do with this one..any ideas...
Just a few details needed.

1, Is it a brand new laptop?

2, Is it an optical mouse or standard ball mouse?

3, What OS are you using?

Once we have these details we might be able to help you a little further.

I do have problems with my optical mouse sometimes and it's down to the mouse mat I'mm using but it doesn't sound like this is the same sort of problem.

I hope this helps.
Optical mice are generally more troublesome than ball mice as they can act eratically at times. You'll get different results from the different manufacturers though - I'm using a Genius mouse that can really go haywire at times, but my logitech mouse is *much* more reliable.

If you're using a laptop with a touchpad though, I'm guessing thats where your problem is. I've never actually heard of a problem there, but it makes sense that if that malfunctions, then you'll see some pretty bizarre results.

If it is a touchpad, you can possible disable it from the bios (if that is at all possible), and test with a mouse.
If you're using a Dell with a touchpad, right-click on the Synaptics Pointing Device icon in the tray and unclick "Tap to click." I would say that's what's causing the problem.
Thanks guys,

I believe it was a problem with the Tapping.
I disabled it and now i guess i am fine.
Thanks again for all the suggestions...Smile
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