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Windows Networking (easy problem)

I couldnt find any topic already on this:

We just got a new computer at home. Now, we have two computers and one internet connection. Is it possible for me to connect my computer and my parents's computer via ethernet and then be connected to the internet from my computer via USB?

What will happen if I connect my computer to my parents's via ethernet without any networking? Just normal ethernet.

Please advice me on what to do.
The easiest solution is to buy a router/hub and connect it to your internet connection and then connect your computers to the hub/router.

If you want to share internet connection with just 1 more PC

GO for just ethernet way.Buy a Cat5 or cat 6cable crimp it in cross wire (and not straight through) fashion. Then you will need a spare ethernet card in both pcs. Hook the wire, go to My network places and "run the setup home or office network" set up.

If you want to share a connection with more then 1 pc then you will need to buy a SWITCH (I don't like hubs). Crimp the wires in staright through fashion and hook them up to switch, then run the setup wizard as mentioned above.
In order to suggest a good solution, I guess I would want to know if you were trying to share a dialup connection or high-speed connectiion.

You'll need a router and a hub Mark. If you cant afford a router, than you'll have to use one of your computers as a gateway.
The problem with the later option is that, your computer has to be kept open for your parents to be able to access the Internet. You didnt specify the type of connection you have. If its a connection which connects to an ethernet card, you'll have to install an additional ethernet card on your computer and one on your parents computer. Then you'll have to hook up both the cards and install a proxy or a gateway server on your computer.
I have 2 computers at home and they all share 1 ADSL line through an wireless gateway. I use the net through my wireless access point and it connects me to the gateway (through a range expander because they are so far apart) and the other computer links up through the ethernet port at the back of the gateway.

What you could do all depends on what connection you have, where the PC's are and how much you are willing to spend. Confused

If you could give us a little more detail, then I can help
Alright, here are some more details. I have an ADSL modem, meaning that I have a broadband connection. I dont want to buy a router or anything like that. I want to make my computer the host and my parents's computer the client. Please tell me if its possible.

I want to connect the two computers via ethernet and the internet connection will be hooked on via USB. My computer will act as the gateway computer.
mark wrote:
I have.. broadband connection. I dont want to buy a router {because I believe I don't need the protection of a firewall}

is it safer in your neck of the woods?

I want to make my computer the host and my parents's computer the client.

if your adsl 'modem' has a USB option AND your computer has an ethernet card you can.

why do you want to do this when perfectly capable low cost firewall appliances like the Cisco Linksys WRT54GS 2.1 with DD-WRT v23 firmware has everything you need and more?
mark wrote:
I want to make my computer the host and my parents's computer the client. Please tell me if its possible.

I already wrote in my previous post, it is very well possible. Gonzo has a point. A low range router wont cost you much nor will a hub. The one I have is a dlink router and an 8 port hub which cost me approximately 50 and 10 USD respectively. You dont need to buy an 8 port hub, a 4 port one would do.

Still, the choice is yours. My post was just a suggestion.
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