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Memory (RAM) Problem

When i go to open some programs it says i dont have enough memory to open the program how do i delete memory space so i can open it and use it?
look into setting ur virtual memory higher than it currenlty is just try a google search on virtual memory in [your OS here] and that should help or you might wanna think about getting my ram depending on how much you already have. Another thing you could try is opening the task manager Ctrl + Alt + Del and stopping things that aren't necessary or close things that you dont need in your taskbar. Hope that helps some I'm sure if you googled you could find more detailed info.
jarred89 wrote:
When i go to open some programs it says i dont have enough memory to open the program how do i delete memory space so i can open it and use it?

now a days a normal requirment of RAM is atleast 256MB. Memory space utilization depends on the following factor
-type of program running
-number of program is running
-number of application opened

these r the general factors
Now with ur comp there may be too many application were running, u can the count in task maneger. normally its count depends on number of software is installed. identify the unwanted aplications and remove it.
also see wheather u have enough space in ur hard disk where ur operating system is installed.atleast there should be 700MB free space which is requied . aslo check the paging files specification it aslo requied space in hard disk.

hope this information will help U.
in our operating system we have 224 Ram it says. I was using photoshop today and it said i dont have enough memory to do something
How many applications did you have open when you opened Photoshop? Some apps use a lot of memory, and if your system has 256MB RAM, and you open Photoshop and Word for example, it may be insufficient.

I use Borland Delphi 7, and the system requirements are a *minimum* of 256MB RAM. I have actually run it on a machine with less, but it's just not worth it.

These days, home users should have about 1GB RAM installed, with a minimum of 512MB. I would dare say that 256MB is just a starter.

For now, check the space allocated to your virtual drive, and get a good memory manager too - FreeRAM is free and works well enough. Then upgrade as soon as possible!
I ever use Windows Me and usually have a same problem but in Windows XP I try to use more Virtual memory and it working but slow.
try stopping some services and programs which run on startup. Also, you can check the mimimum memory required to run the application which you want. If you are just bare to that, then increase your memory. Increasing doesnt cost much.
Thanks everyone for the help i think i had better go and buy some new memory because the programs i use need heaps and i only have 256 so thanks again everyone Very Happy
Here is what you need to do (assuming Windows XP):

In the Control-Panel, select the
System icon:

(or right-click "My Computer" on the desktop
and select Properties)

Select the tab: "Advanced" and then
use in the section "Performance"
the button "Settings"
In the Window "Performance Options",
use the tab : "Advanced"

In the section "Virtual Memory",
the system shows the total size
of the Paging file, which you can
increase with the "Change" button.

Usually, Windows stores the Paging File
on drive C:, but if you are short on
disk-space on drive C:, you can place a
Paging File on a different disk and then
decrease the size of the paging file on the

When using a Application, which use
a lot of memory and therefore use
heavily the memory emulated by the
paging files, it is strongly suggested
to increase the "Initial Size" of the
Paging file, which reserves already the
space on the disk for the page-file.
firstly you upgrade your ram..
secondly you make kennyQ3a's message
the best thing to do would be to upgrade your RAM but there is something u should understand about RAm first. say u buy two 256MB RAM but from different companies. The one with the higher frequency will be used by the computer but the display will show 512MB. so be carful when u buy new RAM. check the frequency!
Currently, the maximum clock for the DDR RAM is 400 Mhz. DDR2 has a clock of up to 800 Mhz and can be futher overclocked to 1033Mhz.

And...Just to tell you that increasing virtual memory does not increase performance because RAM is faster than Hard Disk, where virtual memory is stored. could use a RAM freeing program, such as CyberLAT RAM Cleaner.
It's good to delete some files from system startup. Run msconfig and there you can turn some programs off. Your computer will turn on faster and maybe you will have less problems with RAM.

jarred89 wrote:
When i go to open some programs it says i dont have enough memory to open the program how do i delete memory space so i can open it and use it?

I personally use RamDef XT to clear up my memory before I open memory-intensive programs. RAM "defragmentation" programs really don't defrag, they delete what's in the RAM with a variety of methods...if you're looking for a RAM defragger that will run without you doing anything, I recomment MaxMem from AnalogX (you can download it at ). If you're looking for a RAM defragger you can run just before memory-intensive applications (this is what I recommend doing), I recommend RamDefXT (you can download it at ).
i also clean my computer with TuneUp Utilities 2004 but that's not enough. i might be wrong but i think jarred uses all the new software and cleaning the RAM won't help alone. it is better to upgrade ur RAm rather spend time cleaning it. RAM is very cheap nowadays.
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