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My view on the next gen.

Yeah well...I kind of wrote this on my forum but I just wanted to share and her your views.
Which console am I most intersted in?

I'd have to say the Revolution, Nintendo seems really hyped up about it. They're even saying by 2007 they will once again be in control of the Video Game industry. The controller has to be one of the most innovative things I have seen in a while. While it may fail at some genres(most likely fighters), the controller will have attachements. Now noone really knows whats going to happen there...but it opens up an even bigger range of possibilites. Plus, think how some of their biggest named titles will play with tha controller. I'm dreaming about Metroid, Star Fox, and Warioware almost everyday.
Then Nintendo has the whole free internet gameplay thing. Plus the downloadable games all the way back to the NES era.
This will be a Revolution...

Now, the Xbox360 which is to come out in a few days now isn't coming out too strong. The one good launch title is Perfect Dark, and lets face it...Rare hasn't been on top of their game lately. None of it's other big titles come out until next year, or aren't even dated yet. I'm mainly speaking of TES IV: Oblivion, Fable, and Halo 3. Then the 360 can't even play all of the last gens games, sure it can play Halo...but Halo is the most overrated game since FFVII. Top that off with Microsofts stupid idea to release "premium" items. I'm talking about how they are selling the 360 and selling memberships to Xbox Live. The cheaper stuff isn't even worth the money, while the more expensive stuff has the things you want. So pretty much, if you're cheap, you're screwed.

Finally the PS3. Can't say much about it because I don't know too much about it, yet. As far as I know is that they changed one of my favorite controllers for a gaming console into a weird shapped boomerang controller, looks dumb. People say that Sony is looking into making it so we can't play used or rented games. Oh what a smart idea Sony. Make it so we buy a bunch of 50 dollar games and then your piece of junk console breaks, and look we can't play our games no more. Plus it's probably going to be the most expensive.
Plus the PS3 won't even be able to use PSX or PS2 memory no saving! Screw Sony!
Revolution: I myself think the revolution will be a breakthrough also, since I love nintendo's character lineup, classic gaming and breakthrough design, what can you not expect for them? Plus as you stated, with the huge downloadable archive of older goodies, you can't go wrong.

Xbox 360:
Then the 360 can't even play all of the last gens games, sure it can play Halo...but Halo is the most overrated game since FFVII.

Sure, Halo is very overrated, but that didn't stop it from becoming the best selling xbox game and one of the world's best selling games. If you think the sells on Halo 2 were outragous and "overrated", then what will you think of Halo 3?

In terms of launch titles, the best one looks to be, as you stated, Perfect Dark Zero. Rare has made many, many breakthrough games. Seriously, who can forget Perfect Dark 64 and Goldeneye 007 for 64. Im my opinion, those were the best FPS games of their time and still remain some of the best FPS games of ALL TIME. I personally expect a lot from PD Zero and the outcome should be pleasing.

Sony PS3: Sony claims when it releases the PS3 sometime in 2006, it will be the ultimate in gaming graphics for a few years to come. Based on the clips of such games as Killzone, the graphics look nice, but similar to the 360. However, they will probably upgrade their graphics as 2006 approaches. The controller as you stated is a boomerang shape, true. I can't say it won't be a good controller though, until I can actually feel it in my own hands.

All in all, the systems I am interested in go in this order (1 best, 3 worst):

1. Nintendo Revolution
2. Xbox 360
3. Sony PS3

NOTE: My ranks stand for the time being, I cannot actually really judge the consoles until or near release day.

If you disagree with me or agree with me, feel free to discuss.
Revolution: Very risky, but could pay off. Seriously, I know this won't be the case, but do we really want to play mario party 9 through mario party 245 even though the controller is cool? Maybe mario sim, grand theft mario, serious mario, Mario Fighter 2 Turbo Special Edition will be enjoyable. That's one thing I hate about Nintendo... putting mario in too many games. I hope a lot of good games come out that don't have mario in them. We'll see.

360: I actually just got a "free" one on those pyramid sites. I believe it has the potential to be great... it just needs REAL support by square and other japanese companies. FFXI doesn't count... it's been out for pc and ps2 for a long time now.

PS3: If it lives up to the hype and doesn't cost boob surgery, then it should do pretty well. I still think the controller WILL change despite recent reports.
1. nintendo revolution
2. none
3. xbox360

the revolution is the most interesting machine at the moment (if that changes, i wont be buying any next-gen anytime soon). why? the games of course! nintendo have a lot more interesting games than both the others together. and of course the controller is very intruging (spelling?). not only can it play games that the others can play, it can play entirely new games aswell! cant wait!

the reason i have nothing on second place is because im not all that interested in ps3 or xbox360. but if i would buy one of them, it would probably be the xbox360. playstation have never ever interested me in any way. there are absolutely no games that interest me on that machine, but i can say some on the box.
My next Generation System is Playstation 3. This is a must buy console.

I mean it will have the Blue-Ray dive. Very Happy
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