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Best online games ?

By far my choice has to be Civ III pTW, I hear there's a 4 coming out!
I Think that the best online game is ET, I play it and i really enjoy from this fantatick game. it is good game.
I think the best online game is CounterStrike Source..... or jus counterstrike, tought if i read well a year back or sum it was the best played game on the internet ever, mayb still 2day

no the best is Neopets (jk).

i play maplestory and cs. both of them are great to me.
For me, I think Maple Story, CS and Gunbound.
Hmmmm I think halo [PC] or xbox live/connect is great online, i still play halo one for pc online for multiplayer use, still waiting for the arrival of halo 2 for pc, but they don't know if it will be released... Sad
Best online game for me is RUNESCAPE! lolol!! it is a online rpg game which written in java.... this game is free... yes u can also pay to become members....
try it for free at
need some help in runescape?? pm me ya!!
I used to play runescape, it was so fun. I don't really know what happened, I just stopped playing for some reason. My friend was the best at that game, he had tons of GP or whatever he would just give me some all the time.

The only reason I don't start again is because I don't really want to start from the beginning again. I remember that it took so long to level up.
MU online, great online game, i am level 170 ^__^
Hmm... Runescape is kinda good. I play it sometimes.
I was reading this post when I happened to notice the Civ 3 reference. I love Civ 3, just picked up the Complete edition with Civ 3, Play The World and COnquests, awesollent game I assure you.

Plus, if I had to pick a purely online game, it would be OUtwar or one of the spin-off's from it, no skill involved, but it is pretty fun.
I think Mu Online and RISK YOUR LIFE are the best games online.
I just started to play Gunbound, and I find it very interesting.
But recently they upgraded their server, and so is the login program. Now it becomes quite lagging.

Don't really get used to the new login interface. Things just not so smooth anymore.

Anyone tried yet?
I think the best online game is OGAME... It is very very beatiful.
Delioglan wrote:
I think the best online game is OGAME... It is very very beatiful.

Yes...... beatiful game I am agree. (Republica Libera)
World Of Warcraft is the best!
I like Diablo 2 and OGame. I have great fun. OGame is very simple but beutifull. I played in X-wars but It is to difficult for me. I prefer OGame.

I like Q3 too but I'm not good at this game Wink
Generals i think
Ogame???? What is this?
OGame it is online game in browser.

It is many servers og OGame:
Propobly It is OGame for USA and UK but I don't remeber link.
Check in google.

But OGame is great fun!!
I recomend it!!
I like RO and Gunbound...
For me there are the best game.
Best multiplayer FPS is Tactical ops(Assault of Terror) Better than CS.
CS and Starcraft are really fun.

Is this MU Online game free or not?
Cult wrote:
I like Diablo 2 and OGame. I have great fun. OGame is very simple but beutifull. I played in X-wars but It is to difficult for me. I prefer OGame.

I agree with Cult, Diablo 2 and Ogame rulezz Wink

Cult wrote:
It is many servers og OGame:
Propobly It is OGame for USA and UK but I don't remeber link.
Check in google.

There is another language ogame Smile -> Russia -> Spain -> Italy -> Nederlands -> Croatia -> Taiwan -> Turkey[/url]
I'm looking forward to Civ IV also, although not for the online play, which they've never done well. But I'm disappointed the Civ series seems to be riding mostly on reputation -- Civ II was a big advance, but Civ III added very little, and was way behind the times graphically, even when it was released. It's like the 'chess' of the computer gaming world, but they need to really expand and deepen the game play this time, or I'll be disappointed.

I like online Cossacks. Messenger... Rolling Eyes
Ogame is one of the best online game in my oppinion...

But the best was StarCraft.
I play Gunz the Duel. It's awesome. You play a 3rd person shooter with other people online. You can use melea weapons and grenades. The game has great graphics for the size of the download and it's 100 percent free. Paying isn't even an option. You can upgrade your character and everything it's really awesome.
fallco wrote:
Ogame is one of the best online game in my oppinion...

But the best was StarCraft.

Each person has their private hobby. In my opinion, I like MU Online ( best!
i like counter-strike 1.6 and O2Jam online
First time i play Couter-Strike Online
then i play RO
after that i play MU online
, gunbound online
,and now i play RYL online
and the game i like best is CS because it not bored me
Boles Roor
I really like Ragnarok Online and Guild Wars.
The best are the games from the series "Age of Empires".
Warcraft, diablo, Half Life.
And MMORPGs, Knight Online.
I like MU Online.
Battlefield2 UT2004 Age of Empire 2
i play counter strike alot its realy fun and adicting soo far its the best i ever played but 4 the ppl who r on dial up u can use nitto1320 its arealy adicting drag racing simulator the ones who plays it or r gonna play it its realy fun and try kalonline toooo search it on google it has impresive game play
Ogame.. It is very very nice.. or
Ipersonally think that the best games online for me are more then one because there r different type of games that u cant compair
RPG games are great online playen with ur mates against the enemy is great,battle strategy etc... ex: Final fantasy etc
Strategy games are very good too i personally like them more then rpg
playen against ur mates and with ur other mates in a great battle lol ammasing experience lol the tactics, plans of attaks and defence, helping each other out,trade, realy cool ex crusaders 2 etc
But most i like are first person shooting games those u realy need skill if u want to become someone , play with mates against other ppl mates too if u want can realy have fun killing lol,make clans of fighters,easyly to make more mates when u play ammasing fighting and team work
ex UT2004, Halo, CS,Splinter cell's,far cry, doom 3 etc...
the last i mentioned r my favorites
Mabinogi from Korea is my favourite.

It is a complete new online MMORPG. In the game, you are free to do lots of things as you wish.
I think Counter Strike is one of the best ones.
I like Age of Empires II the Conquerors online
Personally, I prefer Guildwars over any other online games. It is really a fun mmo (if it can be called one.)
i like any game that is fun, lol
Halo for PC is probably the BEST online game i know of. I have had DAYS of fun on that. The next best for me would be Star wars: Battlefront.
World of warcraft counts as an online game right? Razz well i think its the best game out there right now... thought i dont have it Sad
Counter strike, half life 2 ... The best ones for me Wink
I think that best online game EVER is ogame !!! (

It's the best sci-fi strategy Laughing it's real-time and long-term Smile it is great when you play it with friend and talk about it Smile i found many friends and great people there ... u should all try it .. Very Happy
Let's see, Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing Wild World, Tetris DS, and Jedi Academy. As can see I like lots of them (mainly DS). Razz Metroid Prime Hunters or Wild World would definitely have to be the best though.

Closing because of that new rule (that rule wasn't there when this post was created).

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