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What is the servername for myBB forum software on Frihost?

I am installing a myBB forum on my account, but the corresponding database did not get automatically created. The database configuration did ask for a database name. (I used the same type of character sequence I would use for a password, start to finish.) Should I create the database beforehand?


Correction Edit: The database was created on my XAMPP localhost on my personal computer rather than on My error, apparently, was in choosing SQLite as a database option, so the default servername was "localhost". Given that I uploaded the zipped file to frihost and not my computer, and unpacked it successfully from Cpanel's File Manager, it should have put the database on Frihost.

Further, the prefix turned out to be "phpbb_" rather than the default "mybb_" I left specified in the configuration form.

What I need to know is the server name to put into the form field "Servername". "" and "" do not work. No connection to the server gets made.


Also, I considered phpBB, but apparently it is no longer completely supported on Frihost? Reference:

I just want something I can put ads up on, like Google Adsense.
@Sailor69 Yes, you need to create a database first. Unfortunately Frihost cPanel doesn't come with Softaculous. As far as I know Softaculous is the only installer in cPanel that automatically creates a database.

These are the steps I follow to install myBB at Frihost.

1. Get a free domain from Add Frihost nameservers to it.
2. Add free domain in cPanel.
3. Create a database and database user in cpanel and add all of the privileges. Write down the names and password.
4. Download the zip script from myBB, and then use cPanel FileManager to upload it to the root of the new add on domain.
5. Unzip the zipped myBB script contents in cPanel File Manager.
6. Once unzipped, one should be able to get the installer page when you navigate to your add on domain.

It's a coincidence as I'm presently playing with a myBB Forum that I created on a VPS with a VestaCP Panel and Softaculous. I'm finding it a bit of a headache to find the right theme that is able to deal with plugins without going into conflicts. Editing themes in the myBB Admin Panel is a bit of a pain. phpBB themes are easier, but phpBB is not as rich in features as myBB is. If you learn anything special would be great if you could share your experiences here. Smile
I will do as you suggest, when I find out where to do it from.

Edit: Is it okay to download and install Softaculous on Frihost? It used to be included standard. There may be a reason for that.

I now have the domain name "" from . Apparently "" is invalid. I get a "Server Not Found" error now, but a day is common for updates like that to be complete. (The site is about web design careers, oriented for front-end web designers, content writers, moderators, job coaches, and the like--basically what I am able to evaluate.)

With myBB, I get
Could not connect to the database server at '' with the supplied username and password. Are you sure the hostname and user details are correct?

I also am trying to install phpBB3.2.2. I am encountering the same issue. I get the error message

Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

with both "" and ""

With "", I get
Unknown MySQL server host '' (0)

With "", I get
Unknown MySQL server host '' (0)

With "localhost", I get (without a password in the password field):
Access denied for user 'sailor69_u5n1eqg'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

I expected that, but I just did again with this, even with my localhost Apache and MySQL servers turned off on my laptop.

I used "localhost" the first time I installed myBB on another webhost and it installed the database on this laptop, even though I had not unpacked the myBB files on it.
I doubt you can download Softaculous. It has to come through WHM as an add on by the Frihost host - don't see that happening soon, sorry.

Not sure why you are getting errors. I imagine you did change the name servers of the domain to our name servers - and You need to fix that in the domain manager of your Freenom domain account?

Localhost is correct. Did you add the user to the database? And did you give the user all of the database privileges as per the instructions below?

Maybe you could also check the configuration file whether the database user name and password are correct. This should give you an idea of what the configuration file looks like and what you can do to rebuild it if you need to do so:
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