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Account innactive, can't login


I was checking back frih but it seems it passed to much time Razz
I'm @bloodrider, on old times I was essentially at portuguese fórums.

It's possible to get my account back?
Are you referring to your hosting account? If yes, you need to be an active member of Frihost in order to have a hosting account. In other words we need you to make at least five quality posts and an undertaking that you will continue to make regular posts in future to keep your hosting account alive.

I note that your hosting account is on Server 2. If you still have your user name and password, then you probably will still be able to use it. If not, no one has access to Server 2 and you won't be able to get the content back. What we do with Server 2 users who are active members of Frihost, is to provide them with more up to date hosting on Server 1.
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