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Those interesting things you can find

Recently I was cruising around the forums and took a gander in the guest forum. I found that our very own Dean posted a website and I strolled on over there to see what it was about. Upon further investigation I found this topic that made me laugh a bit. I was an admin for the original site when it was popular, though it was never as popular as frihost ever was. I gained a lot of experience over there and really enjoyed my time spent over there before Chris sold it and I never knew anything about it until I saw this.

So the story I remember is Chris and Bondings knew each other in the internet world before frihost came about. Each of them went on and created their own free hosting services both being pretty successful. Bondings was the more successful one but Chris got out of the game at a good time, just as post to host was starting to go down hill.
Haha - Inspector Blaster investigates! Very Happy

You've got most of it right Blaster. Chris actually got back in the game in 2013. Initially he wanted to buy back StoneRocket, but Bondings was out of contact, so instead he started (it started as It's been going very strong to this day. Chris is a SEO specialist, like a serious SEO specialist employed as such, so there is a really good tie up with his hosting business to try out new ideas.
I feel out late years ago and havn't spoken to Chris for quite some time. Good to see that he stayed in the Web Business I forget what he was doing back then but know it was something in the technology rhelm. Glad to see that he is still doing this it was a true passion of his much like bondings.
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