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Are you a good person

Look into a mirror and tell us what you see.

I just posed this question to someone in my life that is extremely self-centered and has a negative opinion of everyone else. It did not help.

Myself, I would like to think that I am. Don't hold value of what others think of me. I must be good for myself.
Good or bad for me is always in the eye of the beholder. I hope I'm a good person but life sometimes works in paradoxes so that one person's good may be another person's bad. I wake up and I think I'm a good person feeling good about something I did, and later on someone gives me a bad rap about that "good" action and I probably don't believe it, but it still creates an element of doubt. In the end I have to agree with Shakespeare in Hamlet about nothing is good or bad except thinking makes it so. For me thinking is not always on the mark, so maybe it's essentially a hit and miss affair.
I often ask myself this question and I like to think for the most part that I am. We all have days when we could be better but that's what makes us human. I work as a 911 dispatcher. After hanging up with a call I often ask myself a question like did I do enough, could I have done something to change or better the outcome or how the person felt about the experience.
Do You laugh?
Do You kiss Your darling?
Do You have fun with Your parents:
Then You are a good a healthy human in luck.
Good question. What it really asks is, if we think we are good, are we really? And, conversely, if we think we are not (like Christians often say that they are sinners), are we really bad, or just recognising our fallibiity?

One of the concerns of thinking you are good is that you may become more judgmental about the failures of others. So, there is some benefit to recognising that we are often not as good as we think we are. Case in point, often, when we think we have been wronged by someone, we have our own contribution to the wrongdoing, even though in our mind, we don't understand why we have been wronged.

But, we do need to think that, for the most part, we are good people, for that notion helps keep us from regrettable haste.

Finally, we can think we are doing good (like giving unwanted advice) and be perceived to be doing the reverse. So, who can say?

Perhaps the definition of a good person is to strive to be recognised as such by the other person (as deanhills said, in the eye of the beholder).
loveandormoney wrote:
Do You laugh?
Do You kiss Your darling?
Do You have fun with Your parents:
Then You are a good a healthy human in luck.

I totally agree with this. Maybe more things are important, but certainly no less than this.
What is more worth than love?
I am Satan!

end of story...
Is this a joke?
You are funny.
Happy New Year.
Da Rossa
I try to be as good as possible, but not sticking this fact onto other people's faces. As taught by a good Brazilian philosopher, Luiz Felipe Pondι, people who think they're good are actually evil. Watch this video with English subtitles:
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