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Some games I really like

Black & White 2
Black & White 2 is a really great game. It has great graphics and I really like how to learn the creature different things. It was a bit short, though. I finished the game in 2 weeks. But it really is a game that you should have. Anyone else played Black & White 2?
Age of Mythology
This game is really great too. It's really cool to use mythological creatures and using god powers. The graphics are really good too. The Campaign storyline is very good.
GTA San Andreas
I'm a great GTA fan, and this game was really great. But when I was done in one city (there are 3 cities in san andreas) I never returned to the city for another mission. And the graphics weren't very good.

Post your thoughts about these games here.
I've seen (never actually played) both Black and Whites and I really wanted to buy them, but never really got around to it or became uninterested. I think it was the cool animals and the fact that I would be God in the game.

Age of Mythology is such a great game all I can remember is countless sleepless nights at my friends drinking like a 24 pack of soda to stay up and play that game.

I haven't played GTA San Andreas, but I did play GTA Vice City and the reason I've stopped playing GTA's is because of the graphics. When a new game comes out I expect it to have better graphics and unless its really really good I just won't buy it based on the bad graphics alone.
I was playing all part of Grand Theft Auto... I think that the best are part one and last part - San Andreas. It gave me about 40 hours of great play. I'm afraid it is one of the best games on PC and PS2 too.

My adventure with Black&White1 started some year ago. When I started play in Black&White, I was enchanted beautiful graphic. It is a great game and I think that is the one of best game, too...
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