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hi to all

i have created a torrent and i want it to have good seeds like say 50 etc..i have a fast speed net of 50 Mbps..i want to help my fellows by adopting and seeding torrents with no main queries are
1.what are the changes to be made in utorrent??
2.should the bandwidth allocation be changed??
3.what is the share ratio and what part it plays in seeding?
4. how many hours should i keep the computer on?
5.after creating a torrent should i first upload it and seed or should i seed first and upload it???
i tried to search but theres no explanation
please explain me elaborately so that i can adopt and seed to the maximum extent.


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If you want to seed to the maximum extent, leave your computer on at all times. The share ratio is the ratio of upload to download. If you are using your bandwith to provide a torrent file and seeding it and other files you have downloaded, the ratio will be high and you will be considered to be a "good citizen" on the torrent network. This might give you some favored treatment when you do download, but not necessarily.

If you have a standard residential Internet connection, it probably provides a higher download speed than upload speed. This is not ideal for seeding torrents, but the best you can do is make sure the full upload bandwidth can be used by utorrent. You may want to limit it to 80% or 90% of rated capacity, though to insure that your other online activities are not slowed too much by torrent traffic.

I agree there is not a lot of documentation easily available about maximizing upload speed, but I suspect that's because there is little demand or need for it. Professional torrent providers probably have commercial accounts with upload speeds much higher than the usual residential ones, so they can support their own torrents much easier.

You should look at actual transfer rates to see if there is demand for the torrents you are seeding, and if so, make sure transfers are near the rated upload speed of your Internet connection. If not, try adjusting utorrent parameters or ask a more specific question.

I found this how-to-create-a-torrent/ description of how to make torrents, but it seems you already know that information if you've successfully created torrents.
thank you for the response son light

i am sending you the links for the screen shots that i took so that u can see the problem easily

the parameters that i have set are shown there and even after 7 hours it shows all 0..

please see to it and advise me

I see now that you apparently haven't transferred any data yet. The simplest explanation is simply that no one has yet tried to download your torrent file. When sharing a new torrent file, you probably will need to stay online continuously for several days at least, to give people time to find the file and hopefully some of them will begin seeding it also.

The problem is, you have no way of knowing if your seeding will work until someone downloads it. I would suggest trying to download the torrent from another computer if you can, to verify that the transfer works. Also if the owner of the second computer is willing, you can begin seeding from that computer.

You may want to verify that you can seed another torrent file. If you download a file that is currently popular and then seed it, you should be able to quickly verify your ability to seed.
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