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Catalunya independence

Spain ‘s prosecutor calls for European arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont who is looking for help after the independence declaration from with Spain, on the last elections made in Catalunya.
The deposed Catalan leader and four of his former ministers failed to attend a High Court hearing to face possible charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds.
A further eight ex-ministers who attended court should now be jailed.
Puigdemont and his former cabinet members flew to Belgium when Mariano Rajoy’s government took direct control of Catalanya’s civil service and parliament.
The Catalan leaders,who face 30 years in prison if found guilty, were given three days to pay a €6.2 million deposit.
On Tuesday, Puigdemont refused to return to Spain unless given guarantees of receiving a fair trial.

He had declared independence on October 10 following an October 1 referendum which Madrid deemed illegal.

Rajoy activated Article 155 for the first time since democracy was restored to Spain 40 years ago to assume direct rule over Catalunya.
Now he is in Belgium, Brussels the capital of the European Union, seeking for political asylum as for the possibility of getting some pressure from Belgium to get a fair trial meanwhile. The situation becomes extremely uncertain for Spain and Catalunya, as the majority of Catalanes support an independent Catalan Republic. What will be next? Fear of talking about politics and changes in Spain? Is this getting on the top of the right of choosing whether to have a propper referendum or not?

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Da Rossa
The funny part was "pressure from Belgium". Belgium is hardly in position to pressure anyone.
Da Rossa wrote:
The funny part was "pressure from Belgium". Belgium is hardly in position to pressure anyone.
Although Belgium is in the forefront of actions, the actions are interwoven with the European Union. I don't think Belgium is in this alone. There are plenty of political games that are being played with the involvement of European Union without having the appearance of "being involved" - but it is involved. The EU looks as though it is supporting the Madrid Government and has given the Madrid Government's extradition application for the Catalan rebels to Belgium to handle - but I'm sure is involved behind the scenes. It's a very delicate political balancing act or so it would seem.

Looks as though it is still ongoing:
Da Rossa
Yes, if it was about "pressure from the EU" then it would make more sense. Because Belgium alone is weak. I would understand promptly if the expression was "pressure from Brussels", which I could take as "the headquarters of EU".
The Barcelona conflict is many years old. And the problem was solved like every year. It is only a question of taxes.
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