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[Solved] Mail SMTP 550 error

I have created an email adress in my cpanel account and it works great with the webmail, I can send and receive emails.
But when I try to use it with a client, I can see the mails (IMAP works fine) but every time I try to send an email through SMTP I get the error: "Sender verify failed". I have tried 2 different clients (mutt & alpine), also I have tried with SSL and without.
Have anybody succeded in configuring a client? Did you got the same error? How can I solve this?
Thank you

TLDR: "SMTP session failed: 550 Sender verify failed" when trying to send email with email client.
Hi good morning, I face the same problem before but not sure wether the same error came but just to make sure, are you using port: 465 and have you double check your password?
Could you check with Mutt and Alpine as I'm almost certain your situation is not unique. I don't know Mutt at all, but I'm almost certain you're on the right track with the certificate authentication however it's not SSL it's more like a Mutt certificate that needs to be generated in your Mutt account by setting something up and that process is missing. Maybe if you check Mutt's documentation or put in a support request there you will find what the right steps are. Will be great if you could communicate those here.

Another possibility - Plan B - is for you to use a different e-mail setup that bypasses your hosting account. Like where you can use your domain with 25 free email accounts. The nice part of that is you don't need to fiddle with your hosting account. When your hosting account goes down, your email accounts still stay alive. And Zoho is really very good. It has a great reputation.
I already solved this, it was a configuration issue.
For documentation purposes, if anyone in the future has the same problem I will share my configuration file.
Thank you guys for your help
# .mutt/muttrc

#My vars
set my_name='My name'
set my_pass=secret

set imap_user=$my_user
set imap_pass=$my_pass
set folder=imap://$my_server
set spoolfile=+INBOX
set imap_check_subscribed

set record=$spoolfile/Sent
set realname=$my_name
set from=$my_email
set use_from=yes
set smtp_url=smtps://$my_user:$my_pass@$my_server
set ssl_force_tls=yes
#unset ssl_verify_host
set ssl_starttls=yes
If you want to use this config file just change the variables in myvars section, don't need to change my_server variable.

I use the my_email variable for this: I have an external domain pointing to frihost. I made an email fordwarder with the external domain to my email account in frihost and set the my_email variable to this address. This way the email show like it's been sent with my personalized email. So that line looks like

Hope this is helpful to someone.
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