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What are people using these days to design websites?

I used to be a professional website designer now i spend most of my time doing SEO and the websites upto date and functioning for a company i work for I used to do alot of work in dreamweaver and Photoshop. Now any website edits i do i manually code in Notepad++ and check each update with a browser refresh on a testing enviroment before going live.

I have been wanting to start a new project but im not sure where to start on a good platform to design a responsive html5 website i flicked through dream weaver 6 i think it was and it used a grid type system now in the new cloud based dreamweaver i noticed they now use bootstraps. I have ben doing perfectly fine working on a pre built site and making multiple manuall css and html changes but i feel ive been out of the design game too much and im really curious what tools and platforms people are working with now.
Hi good morning, I am not a web designer in particular cause my creativity is rank zero lol. Anyway have you tried Brackets? Is a It contains rich of features for web developments as well as other languages. However there are slight chance that you have to pay some amount if you want use some features like extracting content from dreamweaver or adobe photoshop. Anyway follow a link below to know more about it and maybe this can help you.
I use WordPress for blogs as well as static Websites. Once one has some basic templates one likes and plugins one can use including security ones, I'd say that's the fastest and cleanest way to get a Website up and going. If it's a static Website that I want to use WordPress for I just turn off the comment and other social media type options. Easy to do.
The text editor I have heard it's widely used is Sublime Text.
As of libraries, the one you mentioned, Boostrap and Jquery are the ones I have seen the most.
Thanks for your input guys, I am thinking of starting a part time project to get into its been far to long now.

I am going to look at all the links provided, i might consider using wordpress even I have worked with it a lot in the past there are alot of good starting dynamic templates available that i could edit.

So i have a few options available to me now thanks.
I use GNU Emacs, an extensible, customizable, free text editor and more. Try it, complete tutorial, install a package (I recommend WebMode to try) and you'll see!
For the website itself, Python is my favourite language. [Of course, web triade (HTML, CSS, JS) is basis.] I've already created many websites using Flask micro-framework. See
I use geany for text and programs.
The following tare use on my web site:
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