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Stupid **** medical checkups

Well, my beloved idiot school organized a medical check up in our school. The first test comprised a general check-up of the eyes, nose, ears, skin etc. and the second checkup included showing your dick and testis to the idiot doctor sitting there. Here's how my experience went:

Day 0: The first day of the medical checkup was for the 1st to 6th graders. There were rumors from them that the doctors were inspecting our dicks and playing with our balls. There was a certain fear, but I thought those were just rumours...

Day 1: The 2nd day of the medical checkup. A bastard came into our classroom and asked us to go to the Basement for our medical checkup. We lined up and we went. As for the first phase of the medical check-up, we were given medical cards which we filled in and on the back was a table with various medical checkups listed. Me and my three friends: Satyadeep, Karandeep and Aditya went in for the first phase of the checkup. That bastard checked my eyes, ears, skin etc. and signed on the card and wrote in front of the tests: 'Normal' and 'NAD'... We thought that those rumours were really rumours, until the doctor told us to go to a room which was covered with blankets and the curtains were put all over. We had understood it's meanings: Those weren't rumours... Satyadeep and Aditya went somewhere I don't know, me and Karandeep met another of our friend, Anil and all three of us marched towards our classroom. As we approcahed our classroom.. we could see that the principal was pulling the children out of the class and took them to the medical checkup. We ran and hid ourselves in the bathroom. We stayed there for almost an hour and came back to our class. The class was full. Later we came to know that the doctor only had ran away somewhere on pretext of breakfast and nobody got his dick checked. When we came out in recess, i contacted my friend in 8th grade and asked him all that they had done. His testimony of the dick checkup, "First they stretched my dick, pulled my foreskin back and forth and then bounced my balls like if they were basketballs and squeezed them tightly. Oooh!! it pained so much". All that we had in store for those bastards were thousand abuses and ten thousand fists.

Day 2: We had faked our certificates and written 'Normal' and 'NAD' in front of the tests we didn't wish to perform. Somebody had leaked the news. The teachers were extremely angry(bastard ******, they always are) and there were teachers everywhere. As we marched in a line, right from our class to the checkup point, there were teachers strewn everywhere. We just couldn't escape. As our classmates in the front of the line entered the room, me and Anil looked back. The teacher who was there had just gone somewhere to talk or don't know where(maybe to get ******, that bastard). Me and anil took the risk and with all our courage ran away. We ran down three floors to the chemistry laboratory and found it a good place to hide. We hid there for about half an hour and went back to the class only to realise that only four of us were safe: me, Anil, Aditya and Ankit. Rest all had been raped by the doctor. Hurray!

Day 3: During the checkup, the medical cards had to be submitted to the doctor. They came in our class and asked everybody to stand up. Then they called out the names of the children whose cards were submitted. Everybody sat down, as their names came and in the end it were we who remaned standing. We were again called for the checkup and this time we 4 were to be escorted by our class teacher... It was my chance, i was the second to go in. I went in. The doctor told me to take off my pants. I said, "I can't". He said, "Why can't you?". I said, "I am embarrassed in doing so...". He said, "Once i was afraid to get my dental checku done. But knowing that it was good for my health, I gathered courage and did so". Wish I could tell him, "Bloody bastard, there IS a difference between your teeth giving that ****** smile and my dick." Finally he asked me a few questions like, "Does your skin go back completely, comes again easily. Do both of your balls weigh the same...". I gave him positive answers. He then said, "If all is good why are you hesitating then". I reached my temper. I said to him, "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine". He was dumbstruck. He wrote 'normal' and 'NAD' on the card, signed it and told me to go.

I don't understand why such ****** medical checkups are done. Man, displaying your privates is a matter of shame that too for tenth graders.... ******.
Thank GOD nothing of such sorts has ever happened in my school Very Happy
nice school you got there. you must not live in the states. if you did i didnt know they could give you a phsical like that, in school. if so in my opinion thats a huge invasion of privacy. i mean come on schools for learning not checkups. you know what i mean? lol.
i wouldnt of said you show me yours and ill show you mine. he coulda been some wierd dude who woulda gotten wood offa that. lol.
Well, I had to say that. Got no choice. Nobody messes with me.
Nobody likes it, but it really should be done. Some percentage of men(5-20%) have or may develop some kind of disease (I forgot which one) which, if not discovered fast enough, will cause you to be sterile. A normal checkup does not hurt and only takes a few seconds. The things they told you were most likely just meant to freak you out.

Of course, they shouldn't force you, but you should let it be done at least once, in my opinion.
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