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Started drawing 4 months ago, here's some of my works

So, when I started I was shit at portraits lol. To be expected, really. Then I started to practice and practice in short periods of time, trying to be accurate only with some things. I had made like 15 portraits like this and then I made this one that people liked.

I mean it's not like people didn't like the others but anyway it was maybe 3 months in. At that time all I wanted to make was faces since I felt like I needed to perfect my technique to be able to make some good faces. Then I would start with bodies or something like that, idk what I was thinking. I went on to make stuff like this a few days later.

I spent about 6 hours on that last one. Then one month later, a week ago, I spent 2 hours to make this one.

The features are very rough but I like it because it looks well overall, nice aesthetics despite of the broken features. That's not to say that I sucked at making those features, it's just that I seem to be too lazy to do proper finishing. Here's an incomplete one that I made about a month ago, some days after the second portrait I posted.

It's very far from finished. Some features are still rough and other stuff like that. I want it to be kinda realistic, even though the original portrait was greatly changed to make this one because the values were all wrong.

Lastly, just to exeplify, I've been drawing a lot of stuff that isn't portraits because I got bored of the monothematic tendency.

Here's an attempt at a metallic tree trunk made from imagination.

And an attempt at a stick figure landscape.

I post my stuff on Telegram, on the channel, but I haven't gone on to make stuff for other sites because I feel like I'm still lacking in skill by a great margin. I want to improve a lot before I go public and start promoting myself.
For four months of experience, you're doing phenomenally. That you've been developing a personal style in that time is pretty impressive.

What are you drawing with (hardware/software)?
Ankhanu wrote:
For four months of experience, you're doing phenomenally. That you've been developing a personal style in that time is pretty impressive.

What are you drawing with (hardware/software)?

I use a not-so-good graphic tablet, Genius EasyPen M610X with some mediocre Ubuntu drivers. I draw on Krita since it's the only viable choice for the kind of stuff I make. I'd like to change the tablet or the drivers or make it somehow easier to manage but I'm too poor to afford that. Maybe in a few months I'll move out of Venezuela and the sitiuation won't hold me back so badly.

Also, I'm glad you like it. I haven't been drawing for a few days since I'm reading but I'm getting a lot of inspiration from the imagery in the novel. In fact, the last two are ideas I quickly developed from themes I found in the novel.

edit: Actually I think that the tablet might be decent but it's really hard to find proper drivers for it, so the pen pressure is always very off compared to pencil.
As I said in the other post, your work is amazing, keep up with it! Which novel are you using as an inspiration?
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