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Intel to adopt new logos

According to rumors on a French site, Intel is on course to drop the name ‘Pentium’ from its line of processors after nearly 10 years. This can be attributed to the big fight that the processor industry is going to witness in the year 2006. Intel is slated to lauch its “Yonah” and THE 64-bit “Merom” chips in the next year in retaliation to AMD and to further strenghten their postition in the portable market.

With the launch of Yonah in early January next year, Intel is expected to drop the name Pentium and adopt another set of names for its line of processors. They are Core Solo for the single-core processors and Core Duo for the dual-core processors. If true, it will be a big moment in the history of the chip-maker as the Pentium line was one of the most successful processor line till date and is so closely related to Intel’s identity that it will be very difficult for Intel to shed it easily.

Source :

My personal oppinion is they should create a logo that is capable of attracting attention. This one looks kind of plain to me. Razz
I don't pay attention for logos, the most important thing is quality of products of course. Intel is too popular to change something with logo Very Happy. But the new wan looks better to me. The font is simplier and it isn't as "disordered" as old one. I think it's good change but I can't see any reasons to do it.

just realize that the name has nothing to do with the processor...
pentium (five) was the name for the 586 processor...

Edit: sorry noobie...
Donutey wrote:
ALSO please use the quote feature, your post was mostly a copy and paste job, just a heads up, but moderator/admins ban/warn people for doin this kind of stuff.

It's fine as long as you give the source for what you've copied, and keep it brief/relevant.
New names might cause some confusion for people who are not so IT interested, but it will only last for a while as the whole IT industry will push this new processor as it's one of the largest chip maker. Soon the public will be thrill about this "brand" new line of processors.
If u think ppl will be confused with the name change. Then certainly not.

Intel spends massively on promotion and the promos will tell ppl thats it the new one and everyone will still ask for the Intel Processors as they donno AMD exists Sad
Donutey wrote:
ALSO please use the quote feature, your post was mostly a copy and paste job, just a heads up, but moderator/admins ban/warn people for doin this kind of stuff.

ALSO back-seat moderating isn't allowed here.

Report the post to a moderator if you find that it's breaking the rules.
Here you can see more new Intel logos:
donj wrote:
Here you can see more new Intel logos:

Those...those...those logos look just too bloated. I don't think Intel will take a step backwards and change them now. I know Microsoft changed it's logo in the late 1980's, but they've kept the same thing ever since.

- Mike.
I don't like those logos all too much, I think the one they got now and have had for so long is just fine.
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