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What is a Forum, and how should we post?

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I hope my this post does not get abruptly deleted by any of the Admins/Moderators.

This post is intended to be "constructive", not "destructive".

I believe that many of us new members, including myself, do not know the difference between "good quality" posts and other non-good posts. It is OK if the admin/moderator wants to point us to a long article on how to post in a forum, more specifically this forum.

However, I would think that many of us new members cannot become "good quality" posters just by reading a long article.

By the way, I have tried to do a Google search for similar forums like and have been unable to find any other so far. I think that is still rather unique in that it is a "general" forum, with many different categories for members to post in. It is rather difficult to find another forum like here. Therefore, I do wish to "contribute" my (few) suggestions on how to make this forum more vibrant and active. Honestly, I think this forum is currently hardly active and vibrant.

Yes, people join because they might be thinking to have a free web hosting account. To me, that is fine. But when they discover that they need to post "good quality" posts before they can get a free hosting account, then that's where they stumble and fail to "qualify".

My feelings about some of the actions by some of the admins/moderators here are:
-- some of our posts get abruptly deleted and we do not know why. Yes, I mean, they might be trivial, or offensive, or just plain "not good quality" posts. Can the admins/moderators doing this, try a little kindness, and patiently teach the new members on why a particular post is not "good quality" post, and show them, step by step if necessary, on how to do "good quality" posts, rather than just abruptly deleting and/or pointing them to a long article on how to post. I mean, please give an opportunity for the person to edit the post concerned, rather than just abruptly deleting it. I mean, how does the individual feel when he/she spent a good 30 minutes to type in the post and then finds that it gets abruptly deleted by the admin. I am saying that you need to learn to be good (and patient) educators on this matter. Maybe you can pm the individual about a particular post regarding why it is not "good quality" or maybe you can submit a subsequent post below this particular individual's post to explain why the post should be deleted or why it is not a "good quality" post.

If you fail to communicate with new members on what I have mentioned in this post, then I would think there will still be very few active members.

I apologize if any part of this post is offensive to any of the admins/moderators.

Thank you. Please comment.
Thank you for your feedback Accomp. If you check the Frihost Home Page and also the FAQs and sticky posts in the Forums you will find plenty of guidelines for how the post to host system works and what posts are expected. I don't think you could have had a look at those as the threads that had been removed were all blog type threads that didn't fit in the Forums. They were very long of an article type size and not of a discussion type. You posted two of those blog type articles each in the Health and Beauty and Philosophy and Religion Forums. Then on top of those two you posted one additional thread each for those two Forums to serve as a summary of your two blog threads in each Forum. The latter two summary type threads had the appearance of spam. None of those threads fit in those Forums and had to be removed.

Usually when one joins any Forum and before one starts to post, one is supposed to work through the guidelines literature on the home page, the TOS, FAQs, and particularly the stickies that have been posted up in the Forums. It was obvious that you hadn't done that. There is also a common sense principle when one is new to a Forum to start gently first so that one can get familiar with the types of discussions that are taking place and then follow how others are posting. I have already sent you a link to the Guidelines for Quality Posts which if you check in the General Chat Forum is a sticky post. The Guidelines for Quality posts are pretty clear as to what posts are expected along the lines of quality posts.
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