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How to buy a good 2.5" HDD for desktop?

Hi, guys!
I've learned a ton of pages trying to buy a good 2.5" hard disk drive.
Why 2.5 on desktop?
- it is silent. Never return to 3.5" when you tried 2.5"
- it generates less heat. Maybe 3-5 times less compared to 3.5"
- it eats less power. The system with 10x 2.5" HDDs could start from 500W PSU, while the system with 10x 3.5" drives doesn't start
- it is fast. Sometimes as fast as classic 3.5" models. Really!
- it is cheap. Now 2.5" drive cost only 20-30% more than 3.5"

So i've crawled the web million ways and found some thoughts:
1. Every modern HDD manufacturer offers similar quality
2. Every drive could die. Most users replaces drives in first 5 years due to uncorrectable errors.
3. There is only 1 real working way to reduce the chance of teoretical errors - buy enterprise class drive. That drives passes some more tough QC and has about 10 times less chance to get a UNC
4. Never try to build enterprise class RAID5 or RAID6 on a desktop class drives
5. It is just a waste of money to buy enterprice class HDD if you are not not using RAID massives.
6. The most annoying thing that kills hard disk drive is head parking techlology
7. You could check if your drive parking heads with "Load/Unload Cycle Coont" S.M.A.R.T. value. If the value is increasing fast compared to "Start/Stop Count" - HDD parking it's heads
8. Some drive series doesn't parking heads: NAS and DVR/VIDEO serives. And that thing is the most important reason to buy this series for desktop / fixed placed device.
9. You could try to disable head parking with some software tools: WDIdle3, Hitachi Feature Tools, HDDScan. It works with some series, for others don't.
10. Never disable head parking if you are going to use drive as a portable or laptop. This option only for a drives standing in a fixed place. And never buy nasware/DVR series for laptop.
11. Chosing 7200 RPM driver instead of 5400 RPM you get additional performance at a price of some additional noise. Chosing 10K/15K RPM drives for desktop, you just burn your money. Buy a SSD. For server, it is not so simple and 10K/15K has a chance.

Please share your experience.
Looks like you know your Hard drives. Ive honestly never considered buying 2.5" drives for a desktop.
I guess the advantages of less heat and more airflow gaps in the front of a case would be ideal.
i didnt even know they did 10k/15k rpm drives i think at that point i would rarther get an SSD too. Infact if i could afford it i would replace all of my drives with SSD so far i have an SSD for windows a smaller SSD for games that need it such as arma 3 and then i have a 2tb drive for games and films.
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