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Looking for beta testers

I need 1 more beta tester for a game...

Sorry for so many screenies but Yeah. if ya interested send me an Email at
if you dont feel like sending an email post a message here with your email, name...And atleast rate the graphics...if you dont feel comfortable saying your email in a post then PM me or email me Very Happy
Actually i need more like 7 beta testers... Very Happy all your required to do is DL game try it. rate it on a scale of "overall 1-10. graphics 1-10.AI 1-10.Speed 1-10.And whatever more you can think of"
And if its not to much trouble rate it send it to me and include a short description of why you gave it that score. **if you do all of this you ll get a free copy of actual game once im complete.** which will be around 20 lvls.
im pretty sure lvl 1 and 2 run good but lvl 3 may run slow due to slow fps.
yes of course it is answer thank Razz
Sure, I will do it.

By the way, what engine are those mods of? HL? Or did you use Game Maker? If you did one of the two, I can help you with some coding (or mapping) if you need help.

I've made 27 CS maps... has all my publicly-released ones.
i used .x for models but i used fpsc for the engine. so it still has some speed issues im hoping to get fixxed with riker 9
Never heard of either. Are the maps in a seperate file type? If so, what type?

Even if I can't help with making it, I'll still test it Very Happy
Maps as in...scripts?
Never mind, the prog you are using is completely different from what I thought. From the screenies, I assumed you were creating a mod to Half Life or something... I did not realize you were using a specific FPS Creator.

EDIT: where did you get the program you use? I think I might want to play with it some Very Happy
Yeah. im using a complete create objects. maybe some scripts and click and drop type deal...its really easy but the outcome is really good. i could use a scripter tho. lol
maybe a modeler with a .x converter and a animater. lol so i can customize games better
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