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Metal Gear Solid 4

I think this game will be super good, especially cause its on Playstation 3. Bu ti dont like the fact that hes old. He looks ugly, and not hott like he did when he was small.

I want to hear your Opinions.
Is anyone gona answer, lol.

This should be a game everyone likes.

Im looking forward for your thoughts.
actually ye it will be good i think like all other MoS games. and the fact that he is old is kinda blah because what will happen in MoS 5 :S.
Im looking foward to this game and beat it as i did with all others^^
The game looks great... but I've never played an MGS game. I'm too impatient, hehe.
metal gear solid is the best game i have probably ever played, the graphics just get better and better.
definitely the most awaited and anticipated game for ps3... and also might be the last of the series which will be created by hideo kojima... Sad
does anybody have any screenshots?
Lisianthus is ure friend Wink
I recently played metal gear solid 4. the graphics are not bad especially with a 5.1 surround speaker sys. the sound isn't bad but you need to have a good sound sys. to play the game. you can by the game cheaper at retail shops i bargained i bought it for $40 aus. i reckon it was money well spent but i think the game is pretty easy overall. the 2 metal gear sloid i think was good i din't really like the first 1 beacuase thr graphics were not good. Metal Gear Solid 4 allround is a mad game.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Rulz!!
NuniPio if u need screeen shots go to google/images. then type metal gear solid 4. then u'll get enough sreen shots to fill a hole album.

Dyna-Flex - only $110000000000 australian not!
thermaltake did you mean you've played MGS3 not 4? Because four isn't out yet.
Anyway MGS4 looks like its gonna be great as the graphics look amazing and it seems like its snake vs an army or something.
I'm not impressed by Snakes Moustache, he needs to cut it off.
What the hell... There is a Metal Gear Solid 4??? I've played and completed 1 and 2 didn't even know there was a 3rd nevermind 4th!
there is a number 4
rofl, yea, it will be good, JUST BECAUSE it is on the ps3 -_-

to be honest, i dont like the looks of it. i dont wanna walk around with a perverted old man ;P. and well, i dont really like the mgs games =/. they are more movies than games.

i like crab battle though ;D
Crab battle rocks.

And sometimes, playing/watching an interactive movie beats watching a movie or just playing a game. Especially one with this kind of quality production.
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