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Is New Orleans worth rebuilding?

They say at the rate of erosion, in less than one hundred years the city of New Orleans will be surrounded entirely by water. But unlike a typical island the city would be below sea level and need to be protected by a major levee system on all sides. The levee system would have to be totally overhauled and would take many years and billions of dollars. Will a good number of people be willing to resettle the area? Is it worth the investment? Is it time to simply write-off New Orleans?
In some ways, yes it is a good idea to rebuild, in other ways, no. The time and mass of money it would take to rebuild the city is enormous. However, it would be quite strange to have an almost dead city in the U.S. As you stated, the possibility of it going underwater because of the sealevel is a good reason not to rebuild it, but I think myself that they will rebuild it, or atleast some of it to make it a stable living environment for the time being.

I higly doubt that they will rebuild it to completion as, again, the money and time to do so would be outragous. But for now I think they will rebuild parts and pieces until further notice.
I predict that the lower laying areas will be behind new and stronger dikes, AFTER most unwelthy people have been "scooted out" by cheap buy-outs, (either because they can't finance re-build or get new loans to do so, or simply have lost the energy to fear another flod, evictions (for renters) and / or law changes to "clean" the areas.

This will open up the area for new investments (the dikes will be up by then), newly build houses which will be upgraded for wealthy buyers. Thereby the "poorer" areas wil be "sanitised" and the city will win more wealthy inhabitants, in the good old spirit of enterprise.

Money wins, people lose and charm gets another shot to the heart.

It will be the unwealthy's loss and the wealthy's gain, as happens mostly, WEEEEEEEE......
Im sure that not rebuilding new orleans will make the millions of already angry and upset black americans extremely pissed

Where would they go?
Sorry to see this thread... Though I've not updated myself with how far the city was destroyed and how far much work will involve in rebuilding it. Firstly, I really felt sorry for those who lived there.

In a simple line I just want to say that it would be good if it can be rebuilt.
S3nd K3ys
It's one of the bussiest ports in the US. It will be rebuilt to some extent to continue that. As for housing, bad idea.
I don't think that city will last long and it's not relaly worth rebuilding when it will just end up underwater.
No it is not ... same thing can happen next year... and the year after and so on.... use common sence and dont build a city below sea level
no. But we do need a functional port-city. And we certainly DO NOT need more fascist rent controlled housing.
no, its a terrible idea and i dont know why people dont see that. why rebuild something just to have it destroyed again? its a waste of money and it puts our government into even more debt than it already is in
No, New Orleans is not worth rebuilding! Most of the city is below sea level. If another bad hurricane comes along or something, it will just break the "dike" and the whole thing will flood again!

New Orleans is not worth rebuilding! The people are out of the city right now, they should just bulldoze the buildings so that we aren't polluting, and then flood the area again.
city below sea level at the coast: bad idea
city above sea level at the coast: good idea

any questions?
gonzo wrote:
city below sea level at the coast: bad idea
city above sea level at the coast: good idea

any questions?

What? Your questions don't make sense.
Personally i think its not worth it. its like rebuilding the empire state building its setting people up for more deaths. if they rebuild new orleans id highly suggest no one to move back.
New Orleans is the city of my birth. Though I hardly remember much about it, I suppose I have some sort of attachment to it.

To say if it is worth rebuilding, is an odd question. Think of the people that live there, and look at yourself. If your city/town/village was wiped out from natural disaster, and someone told you that your home was "not worth rebuilding", how would you view it?

As said by S3nd K3ys, it is a busy port. Rebuilding of sort will most certainly take place. But I think it should be on a much smaller scale.

Really, I could see a sort of "New New Orleans" being built, a place built slightly away from the coast. This would be more of a place for home seekers, and less buisiness.

Excuse me, I think that this is my first post here. Hello. Smile
actually i think if my town got flooded or w/e and i lived i hope it wouldnt be i can move somewhere more interesting.
Of cause it is worth to rebuild. Actually,this question you should ask the inhabitants,it is their hometown.
deca wrote:
gonzo wrote:
city below sea level at the coast: bad idea
city above sea level at the coast: good idea

any questions?

What? Your questions don't make sense.

clearly you should NEVER be in charge of ANY engineering project.. most especially one invoving the topic's city.
What is the geography like in the area? I would expect some areas to be higher than others and it would make most sense to rebuild New Orleans on the higher ground and leave the lower lying areas as parks or wildlife areas. Then, next time a hurricaine comes the problems should not be as bad.
I never been there so i am not sure...
however from the economic perspective it is better to rebuild
a fantastic tourist attraction for both non-us and US citizens. A great place with obviously many inhabitants.
It would be a sin not to rebuild such a place.
They have many people that pay to visit the area and would be a tremendous loss to everyone.

As a visitor myself, i can see what a great place this is. The football team may not be great but even to see them leave would be a site to forget. I can see how in the eyes of many it does not seem like a worthwhile investment, but a quick visit to that place and youd see the devastation would be worth fixing. Explorers from the 18th Century were miles ahead of their time as they saw a sound investment and even fought over this great piece of land.
That is a ridiculously depressing question. I have a few ex-Leans living with me while the government and volunteers salvage what is left of their city and I have to say that experience complete homelessness - albeit second-hand - has really brought the reconstruction issue in a new light. Both of my friends spent their entire lives there and although moving back is undoubtedly an impractical decision, they're adamant on returning and resettling as soon as they get the okay. I think that many people who lived there are going to feel the same way and return regardless of the danger.

I mean honestly, some residents didn't even leave in the first place. I specifically remember some news footage of a woman throwing kitty litter at rescuers who tried to convince her to leave. Yeah, yeah, it's 'ungrateful' and 'rude' but it just shows the extent that people become attached to their home.

If people do come back, we can only hope that the different levels of the government combine their efforts to save the city and the countless lives within.

And I'm going to leave it that because the idea of separate branches of the government peaceably working together is a whole new can of worms.
OF COURSE! I was born there! It was a city full of rich culture. I've visited many times and i hope to go back someday. The french quarter is an awesome place to go to and you can't forget mardi gras! Hopefully someday it will get back to normal.
its not its to much money for the government
if they do then they will have to put very strong pumps in it
i feel sorry for those people tho my heart out to them
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