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NAPS 2 - Not Another PDF Scanner 2

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A few minutes ago I was scanning some documents using an HP scanner but since the feeder is no longer working, I have to put the document page by page which kind of a little difficult. So I started to check some available scanner with feeder in our company and luckily I found one. A HP Scanjet 5590. Due to the complexity of the installer I tried installing the basic software but unfortunately I have tried a couple of times and it said "access denied". I even tried right clicking the application file and run it as administrator but still no luck. But when I check for the scanner it is already installed but no software to use for scanning. I tried the microsoft built-in scanning application but there is no way to save the file to pdf. When patience run off, I open a browser and google of a free scanning application and came across an application called NAPS2. It is free and opensource and it is quite simple yet powerful. I want to share it to those who were experiencing the same problem as I do.
That's definitely a great find, but I'm surprised that you couldn't get the HP 5590 control panel that came with the printer. Like it's on the CD disk that comes with the printer. I owned a look alike HP 5590 for a few months last year, and when one installs the printer/scanner there's an option to install the operating software for the printer/scanner. It's one of those execution type CD disks where everything is done automatically for you including the installation of the operating control panel software for the printer/scanner/fax. Before you know it you've got a link that you can attach to the task bar.

Didn't think I was going to find it as thought you would have - here's a link to HP software for the 5590 control panel:
HP ScanJet are infamous between my circle of friends because they work perfectly one day with an old OS but if you update the next day you can forget about it. I have one at home that can only run with a Linux based system.
Hi deanhills, yes I saw the control panel and it was asking me to install a basic software, a document management software and a hp scanjet 5590 twain something like that. But the scanner has been installed properly the only problem i got was sa basic software for scanning the document which whenever I am trying to install it always says "access denied".
jestoy0514 wrote:
the only problem i got was sa basic software for scanning the document which whenever I am trying to install it always says "access denied".
Looks as though the system didn't like it. Could be because those printers are mostly purchased for personal use and installation on personal desktop computers? Could be wrong, but thought that could be the problem. The printer I had last year was disappointing, like not perfect, so I'm not completely surprised it came up with issues. Like the cost of it is dirt cheap, so maybe the software is not as perfect as it should be.
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