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Diablo II LOD

Has anybody ever played this game??....its super adictive haha, if you play online with your friends youll never want to stop!! I like it because you have a choice of what character you want to be and what skills you want to have, its kind of cool instead of every character being the exact same when there at the same level Very Happy
It really is annoyingly addictive, despite mainly consisting of just clicking on enemies til they're dead, then fighting a boss, then going to a new location, then clicking on some enemies...

And so on.
SunburnedCactus u are not right !
Whats is ur fav game ?
I think diablo 2 lod is cool u need to know how u play .
Because noobs die 1st and the pro's never dies (only at duel) Razz
This game is awesome, I have yet to find a newer game that even comes close to this ease of gameplay and uniqness in characters. World of warcraft isn't even as unique. All level 12 characters in Wow are the same. This game rocks
Hey, I whipped this game severely. Just got a bit tired of it after a while.
Great Game but it'll need D3 to brig me back to the Blizzard servers Smile
I beat this one in a day, but i still play it occasionally
I was a huge player of Diablo II Lord of Destruction in my time. I was a wicked Druid with max shapeshifting abilities... good times for certain. But of course, as with all games, I eventually got tired of it. I thought that it was a well crafted game, with heavy story, but not too much so like Baulders Gate. I liked the hack and slash of it, with story.

I then discovered that online play could bring about satisfaction that the single player could not afford. Then it became a race for awesomeness and items that are spontaneously created. Very cool indeed.

But eventually real life caught up to me and then here I am, several years later and have no time for the game at all... Too bad, eh?
Ah Diablo 2 LOD how i miss you. Ironically i began to play again last week after a long wow boredom period. Got my lightning sorc to lvl 20 and my disc exploded in my CD drive Sad. So now i need a new LOD disc and a new CD drive.

Excellent game though never played one for so long except possible wow and FFVII. Been playing on and off since early 1.9 online and since Diablo came out in SP.
I had many a good time with this game, but alas, all things come to ends. I now play Guild Wars though, what a beautifully crafted game this is.
LOD now thats a good game! Too bad there are so many hacks and dupe in Diablo 2 that it doenst make sense to farm your ass and to get something that other people can get it for free.

Wow is better with the non hack stuff.
But ya! D3 would kick ass!
Diablo 2 LoD is great game I have install that game before 2-3 years on my computer...and I didnt ever delete that game from hdd...
Diablo 2 rulaz...
This game was super adictive Sad grades dropped because of it trying hard not to play it now since you talked about it Sad
diablo 2 was fun for a while, then i got fed up with ads, n00bs, lag, and realized all video games are wastes of your life, will a video game help you get a wife? start a family? be fit? NO, IT WONT, so get off your couch you lazy peice of crap and start living this life to the fullest.
One of the greatest games ever. I played this game on HARDCORE Mode for over two years online. It was just so much fun and required real knowledge for your character and playstyle. Good old Telebaal's ( i boo, you tele) in the version 1.10 got your adrenaline pumped up. The items were just great, all the more the runewords, everything. I liked the custommade aspect of it. The skillselection could severely alter your paying experience. Maybe once in a while i'll get back to it.

Sigh, good old days, when we did that "hell-mephisto" lootruns for some nice golden stuff (hey, found a ARCAINES VALOR today^). So long,


P.s.: Anyone here that made it to the Uberdiablo?
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